8 Ways To Toss Negativity Away !

“When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what ??

Life is not easy; you probably will agree to that. I was not born with a silver spoon or as a heiress to a kingdom. We all have our trials and tribulations.

Everyday we have a storm to face ; we do our best to keep our boats sailing through it. Many times we fall prey to disappointments, broken dreams, stress, shattered expectations… And many of us do fall to the dreaded negativity and depression. I am not a medical professional – but i can share some things that work for me when i feel low –

  1. Turn to the almighty – there is no one,  not even one pesson in this world ; who understands you like almighty would. Every cell and strand of your body is known to him. Share, talk,  pray – just let him know that you need help and he surely will respond.
  2. Read a motivational story or may be subcribe to a blog. This will allmost instantly boost up your spirits
  3. Talk to someone – even if he/she is not a very close friend. You need not discuss the details but just generally. Run through your day. It helps when some burden falls off.
  4. Listen to your favorite music – put your earplugs in and let the music pump you. Does not need to be rock and roll or grunge – just what you like to hear. Escape into a world and stay there for some time.
  5. Go out to a park – looking at children playing and just being in the lap of nature tends to relax me.
  6. Go eat outside and tantalize your taste buds to local street food or get into a upmarket dining place. Indulge
  7. Shopping – we really cant forget this ! Some retail therapy never hurt 😉
  8. Go get some aroma therapy. Unwind, relax as the aroma oils soak in you AND and let it go  🙂

So, that is my list of tossing negativity out.

What all do you do when you feel overwhelmed and want to take a step back ??

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May the force be with you ?. Peace ✌

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