Interesting Things To Keep Your Toddler Busy

With a thumping toddler at my house, I am always bewildered and short of ideas of NOW what next?? How do I keep her engaged? How do I NOT make her shout and scream?? Happens with you too?? That’s why Interesting Things To Keep Your Toddler Busy is going to come in handy.

Ah! See I am not alone and so I googled because that seemed like the most logical step, but I didn’t like what I got. So, I called my mother in law. She is perfection in a human being – I can tell you that!

So, here is the secret list she gave me that kept her boys busy while she attended a host of guest’s everyday at our house.

Interesting Things To Keep Your Toddler Busy

.Use your old lipsticks and nail paints

So, instead of just tossing them in the garbage, I sit with my toddler with a huge chart and let her go crazy coloring with my lipsticks or nail paints. Caution – Ensure that YOU stay with the child always! You know how they like to put everything in their mouth!!

Give them vegetables

sounds silly? Not at all. Start with onions and potatoes… Do you know what you can do with these?? You can teach counting, sorting, coloring, alphabets too!!! Who knew!! phewww !!

Interesting Things To Keep Your Toddler Busy

Take their help organizing your kitchen

sounds fun?? Or scary!! I was too.. so this is what I did – I let my toddler get into my cutlery closet, she banged them, played with them, tried to stack them – easy 1 hour gone ! And then next time, sit and let them stack all that again J Give them spoons or bowls to be kept in their stands.

Dance and sing

It’s never easy to lose weight… Right? Yes kind of I’ll agree; but you know you can keep yourself active with this. Dancing is a great way to lose weight … engage with your toddler as you sing away rhymes and do pretty actions along with it. You can even sneak in a dance video that you both can dance too. While the toddler will enjoy the music and the me time with you ; you will gradually get back in shape J

Give them little chores around the house

this helps them remain busy while you get a little helper. Kids tend to learn so much while they mirror us and every action done with them hones their skills. This is all what my daughter tells helps me with –

  1. Take milk packets out and keep them in the fridge
  2. Put shoes back on to the shoe stand
  3. Help mummy put soiled clothes in washing machine
  4. Keep dirty utensils in the kitchen

Please remember to stay with your child at all times as you help with them with activities or chores. What do you do to keep your toddler busy all day?

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Thank you for stopping by and reading this. God bless!

6 thoughts on “Interesting Things To Keep Your Toddler Busy

  1. Very interesting and neatly described…
    Once toddlers are occupied then we r happy mom’s. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience..

  2. Its a toughest job in the world keeping toddlers busy… Everytime they want to try new new things. Or else they are easily get bored doing same things. All the tips here are new to me… Will excite to try one by one. Thanks for sharing the tips…

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