Lessons My Children Taught Me

I am a busy mother of 2 kids, like many of you will be too.. My both moppets are at different life stages. While one is a growing young child of 8 years, the other is a thumping tornado toddler. I constantly find myself sandwiched between parenting the two.

Chanakya Neeti says to love? your children between ages 0-5 years and discipline them in ages 6-12 years, i tend to mix the two. On some days i am disciplining both ? or loving both. ?. Loving more never hurt … though ! Phew.. Some saving there …

This parenting job is tougher than it sounds. I keep changing my priorities, likes and dislikes and parenting style. What i have learnt as i go through this journey, is not to think much and go with the flow. Here are some of my lessons that i learnt –

Never compare – your child is unique in his own sweet ways. May be the other child walked earlier – spoke earlier-can sing rhymes- so what ? Its not going to matter 1 year from now. What’s the hurry ?? Breathe and let it go !! (Like seriously)


Never expect – your child does not understand your need of perfection – dont expect and create an image of what one thing must be. Learn to accept what is NOT.

Material love fades away – dont get me wrong – kids love gifts – heck i love gifts , but over indulging ?? No… thats not love. Kids forget the gifts – but remember your presence and love forever


Be a mirror – let your kids see what you want them to do. They are like this huge sponge ready to absorb everything they see, feel and touch. Walk the talk always


Face the challenge – do tantrums haunt and you feel overwhelmed that your child will leave you helpless and you give in ? Well in that case – you need to talk more to yourself and to the child. Dont expect your child to be the logical one. Step back,  breathe and face the situation. Nip the bud (situation) while its still in its nascent stages.


Don’t make it an EGO clash – have you ever seen a toddler wailing away,  on the floor in a mall ? my kids have done that while i stood there totally RED from all the glares of unknown people. Give kids options to choose rather than just saying NO. Dont make it about you. They cannot express themselves and hence the show down.

And the last point – which i always advocate – keep yourself educated. In this technologically driven world, all information is available at a click of a button. Read about child psychology,  their behaviours. It may be text book but you never know what may help you.


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