My Baby’s 1st Year

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A Baby brings so many hopes and the new aspirations. My second baby was due in September 2015, and I wanted the best for her. I had started reading about any new developments or any research that had come regarding Child development and behavior. I also Joined many baby food groups on facebook. The best ones, I personally liked was and

as a mother, we usually always end up comparing our children to another. We tend to compare milestones, eating habits, their behaviors.

This time I was determined that I was going to raise my baby the right way –

  1. The huge battle between breastfeeding or formula feeding. The only way to win this is if one is strong mentally and decide that no matter what I will feed and will not introduce formula. Having said this – if a woman struggled in feeding, she should meet a lactation specialist and decide on the next steps.
  2. The next one was right at 3 months when my mother in law wanted me to feed cow milk to my baby. I didn’t want any debate and so I went next day with my husband to a pediatrician explicitly said that no animal milk before 1 year of age
  3. The next step that I took was to go through a BLW way of weaning. This was a different approach to weaning and it raised many eyebrows. I stuck to it despite all challenges. Thank God I did what I did – it helped me raised confident, independent eater. To be true – I don’t even know what a fussy eater is.
  4. The comparison between children – I made sure, that I was checking milestones as the age advanced and didn’t come under pressure or stress.
  5. At around 7 months, there was a pressure to put the child into a walker. I was against this as well. Walkers cause milestones delay and are a major cause of accidents in babies. My daughter walked at 13 months on her own. She did it when her body was ready not when I wanted her to walk.
  6. Love conquers all – We ensured that we loved our children trying to give them the best we can. We don’t believe in material gifts. Yes, they are important and kids get their share of gifts but for us, they don’t overpower the love, time and understanding that we provide them.

I or my children are not perfect in any way, but at least we strive our best to raise them the right way.







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