My Journey into the Unknown

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I was experiencing mixed emotions. I was happy, excited, nervous and scared too. We were doing fine financially but a second child meant, that FINE would not be fine anymore. It may be tough times ahead. I was scared that my strife would be same as my first post-delivery experience – flash back to 2009 – I was alone at home with no help. As a new mother – clueless about most things.

While coming from back from work one day, I discussed the same with my husband – and he said something – that will remain with me till I last breath.

He said “Baba Ji has been with us always and every time we have had a crisis, he has miraculously taken us out and placed us in a higher, better position. This child that he is sending will also be same. He knows us and he will make a way as per our needs. Don’t Worry! Of course, I didn’t stop worrying but it gave me hope and strength.


We moved from Gurgaon to Bangalore in June 2015. I was 5.5 months expecting. We were putting up in a hotel that was provided by my husband’s company; while we waited for our stuff to arrive. We had 10 days to finalize my son’s new school, look for a house and ensure we were ready to shift our stuff. On June 12, we moved into OUR home – in one of the prime locations of the city,  the household stuff took about a week to be set. My son got admission in one of the best schools in Bangalore. I finalized on a gynecologist near our home for my monthly visits and found an amazing pediatrician, just in case if my son fell ill. We had a bike with us and in my condition – I went to allmost 15 schools before finalizing the one school; must have visited allmost 20 houses before zeroing on the final one.


We had a tough time once my daughter was born. She was born through a C-section and we didn’t have any support. It was a mammoth struggle every day just to get up and send my son to school. My husband helped as much as he could. My son didn’t have it easy either. We struggled in the initial days of his joining school as there was a vast syllabus difference between what he was studying compared to what he was doing in his current school, but we made it. We steered past all the dark days to a bright today!


When I look back at that time, sometimes I wonder, where did all the strength come from? I didn’t fall sick once, didn’t have any BP, Sugar, thyroid ( which I did get later in my last trimester of pregnancy). We pushed through as one – and made it.

So, this is what I learned through this journey –

  1. Dark times never stay – they always make way to better, bright times
  2. Keeping the faith – One finds renewed strength to face the challenges
  3. No task is herculean – Do not feel overwhelmed when faced with a task. Do not think you are less and you cannot accomplish it.
  4. You are equipped – When a task is attributed to you by Life – know that there is always a solution that is also available. We just need to look a little more prudently
  5. Acknowledge the situation and struggles – When you accept the situation you are more prone to look for a solution, rather than sit and complain about it


“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

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18 thoughts on “My Journey into the Unknown

  1. Wow, what a lot was happening while you were pregnant! I don’t know how you managed, I am pregnant with my third and just the average day to day tasks are exhausting me!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’m sorry you had such a tough time after your daughter was born and not having support around you. Can be very tough but sounds like your family has rallied together!

  3. How inspiring was your post and your journey. I especially loved how you summed up your pregnancy in form of learnings or take-aways. Lovely post!

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