Sailing the stormy sea

When I look around, I see some of us have it easy. You know where you have everything that’s working for you – the looks, body,  hair, a wonderful package, wonderful family support, and I then I think to myself do these people I see having the time of their lives – ever struggle with something? does something bother them too, like it does me?


Being a mother, I am constantly worrying about my children – their health and upbringing. I worry about my husband’s work – if he is doing well, does he need me, I worry about optimum nutrition for my family. Next year it will be my 10th wedding anniversary and one thing that I have understood after all these years is to STOP complaining and worrying about things.

Life is not going to a bed of roses ever. I was not born with a silver spoon – on the contrary, I was born into a middle-class family and I have seen some really tough times before and after my marriage. Of course, being a human being we have a tendency to complain and feel sad – but we also have a choice of choosing one thought over another. we have a choice of not feeling bad and feel content with what I have at this moment.


Hence, I choose to sail through the rough storms. I have challenges – some days my children are not well, some days my husband acts weird and we have a fight, we say things which we are not supposed to, I snap on my children, sometimes the day just starts on a BAD note BUT here’s what I choose to do.


I will not let this day be a bad day. I will not let my circumstances define me. My storms may be huge and cruel, but they do Not have power over me. yes, it takes efforts – the mind is not an easy tool to master – it takes practice. but since, I have decided – I will make this life worthwhile and YOU should too.


So my dear – if you are reading this – let me assure you this – ITS YOUR LIFE AND YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF IT. no circumstance ever has the control over your life. the day you decide to live your life – you will do it – Courage is all you need and want!

here are some tips to gradually change the way you think –

  1. Talk to yourself every day. Tell yourself that you are no less than anyone. Repeat this over and over till it starts to leave its impression on your soul
  2. Look at the positive side of every situation. Think of a solution (remember every problem in this world has a solution – you just need to look hard enough)
  3. Cut off negative people from your life. People who are always critical, discouraging, who crib and complain, who never say anything good – get rid of them. ( be wise when you do this. don’t lose someone who is genuinely helpful)
  4. Gratitude This is very important, everything that you have in your life deserves gratitude. There must be someone or something in your life that you would be thankful for each day of the year. For me, it’s my Lord Jesus – who is a friend, mentor, guide, parent. what about you?
  5. Analyze your day before you sleep, analyze your day. Examine any conflicts you had.. was there any different way you could have tackled the situation? Use the different approach next time and notice if the outcome was different.


Hope you liked what you read.

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Until next time – God Bless, See you around 🙂

28 aug



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22 thoughts on “Sailing the stormy sea

  1. Being kind to yourself and getting rid of negativity and negative people really make a difference! See life from a different perspective and you will realize that life’s not that bad after all. Great post!!

  2. Great post! I love your list of things to do- action steps really capture me!! I have definitely been ridding my life of negativity and it has helped me focus SO much more on what’s important. Thanks for sharing!

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