Top tips to travel with your little ones

I am a traveller, i love to be on a free road with picturesque locales. If i had a choice may be i will never be found home.. I will always be out.. Hiking, exploring, seeking new worlds, lost in time.. Finding myself !


BUT my dream of roaming around alone is not possible as of now because of my small kids. (8&2 yrs old) , but having said that.. It has not stopped me . Thank fully i have a husband who loves travelling as much as i do (Blessed ??)IMG_20160116_120003338

We have travelled from Bangalore to Goa (9 hour car drive), Hydrabad (8 hour car drive), Virajpet (5 hour car drive), Ludhiana to Dulhousie (6 hours car drive), been on a 34 hour train journey and we accomplished this without any glitches :),

So this is what i do – that helps me achive this increadible feat ?

  1. Always keep dry snacks / food handy. My kids love fruits – so bananas, apples, oranges are stocked. I also carry fruit bun, a small packet of jam and butter and 3-4 bottles of water and we keep refilling them.watermelon-summer-little-girl-eating-watermelon-food
  2. Activity books – instead of giving my kids mobile – i take activity books, colours, audio story books to keep them busy.


3. Playing Games – we play games like – naming countries / name flowers in an alphabetical order or just general knowledge questions. Ask or tell interesting childhood stories. Things like who your child likes the most or dislikes the most in his class and why ! Ask is there someone they dont like seeing in the class ? Do they have a secret friend who they talk to ? The questions have no limit. Get creative and keep them busy.


4.Put them to sleep – when kids remain awake for a longer duration of time they tend to get real bored and cranky. Thankfully my kids go to sleep with a little fuss. Even a 2 hour sleep in a moving car helps to keep them fresh.

pexels-photo-2421485. Ask them to collect dry things when you ever take a halt – like different kind of stones, leaves, tiny tree barks. When you are back – ask them to stick all the things in a scrap book. This way you make memories of each trip. This activity raises their curosity level, and you get memories to cherish forever πŸ™‚


So, next time dont be scared to travel. Life is a journey and we must keep exploring πŸ™‚ Travelling helps us learn so much and relaxes the soul. Do not deny your soul the enrishment it provides.


Till next time – Take care and God bless.

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22 thoughts on “Top tips to travel with your little ones

  1. I’m just about to have my baby in a few weeks – so I’ll be adapting my travel style soon enough. I’ve already been following the snacks tip though, at least since I’ve been pregnant.

  2. Thanks for useful tips….so many ideas I got which I can use my next trip….thanks a lot Princy…share more tips related kids….all the best

  3. Interestingly I share few of your tips which are really practical when we travel with kids.. Thanks for putting them in order as it keeps flashing every time we go out..
    Happy blogging dear..

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