Woman in India in 2017

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 23 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Sonia for introducing me. I loved her blog at https://peachyfuzzycuties.com/ on the prompt for today Woman in India in 2017

The status quo of women in India has been changing ever since India came into being. While some of us have reached stars and are heading some of the biggest brands in the world, on the other hand, we have women who are struggling for their basic survival. In the midst of the social barrage of positive and negative events, as an Indian Woman; I feel important and respected like I have never been.

I feel blessed that I was born at a time; when ancient practices like – satipratha, dowry system, female infanticide were not in existence anymore. The news of my birth gave immense joy to my parents. Being a girl, I was never looked down or treated any different. In fact, I was always encouraged to grow into a successful career-oriented woman.

When my daughter was born in 2015, I experienced the same and it feels empowering that the birth of my daughter was welcomed with such pomp and show. To hear that my brother in laws danced to the news of a baby girl being born, or she being gifted clothes and jewelry fills my heart with pride.


As this year slowly moves towards the last months of its existence, it’s heartening to realize that women are much more empowered than they ever were. The Constitution of India pledges equality of status and opportunity to men and women; while this was just a passing thought in the past, we see it more in effect now. We don’t have women in competition to men anymore but being equal. The passage of several Acts by the Parliament of India and the process of social change brought about by industrialization and urbanization during the last few decades have done much for women’s emancipation both legally, politically and socially.


In 2017, what I see different, is organizations wanting more women to be part of their workforce. they today understand that women juggle different spheres of life and hence there are multiple flexible options available. While some choose to work from home, while some work in timings that fits best with their schedule. Women are being motivated and are backed to grow. Alibaba founder Jack Ma says – “I feel proud that more than 34% of senior management are women. They really make this company’s yin and yang balanced,”. “I would say this is the ‘secret sauce’ of the company.”

Every other day we hear about women being molested. A degree stooped down from earlier. I may not be able to protect my daughter at every instance, may not be able to present in every situation; but what I can teach her is how to defend herself.

This is what my family has planned for our children –

    1. Enrollment of both children in self-defense classes
    2. Reiteration of importance of our circle of faith
    3. Watching videos explaining good and bad touch together
    4. What to do in the case, if someone calls them and asks them to come with them
    5. The secret family password

No country or system can ever be perfect, there will always be loopholes. A country is not born great, but rather it’s normal people like YOU and ME you who can step up and own it to make it great! Jai Hind!

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33 thoughts on “Woman in India in 2017

  1. The struggle of women is in every country. They tend to make us feel so inferior and incapable of doing anything meaningful, but things have improved. Happy #9daysofwomanhood

  2. I’m happy to hear that there are changes in the women’s world! It’s so sad to know that just because of the gender some countries see it as reason to be nasty. But I’m positive, time will change it!

  3. It’s actually quite amazing how the Indian corporate scenario has become more welcoming towards women workforce. The one thing they need to equate is the payscale. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about women in current Indian society.

  4. You have decided on some great steps! Things like family password and all really helps. Thank you for participating in the Blogathon. It’s a pleasure to read you post on the prompt.

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