Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY

As a parent, we all worry about our children’s health and we always want them to be in their pink of their health. Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY post, I have collated some simple hacks that are simple and doable. I  keep browsing parenting websites for ways to understand how immunity works and how can I make my children healthier and their immune system strong.

Simple ways to boost your child's IMMUNITY

Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY

What is Immunity? 

According to Wikipedia in simple lay man’s terms, it is defined as – The immune system is the set of tissues which work together to resist infections.

How Does it work –

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. One of the important cells involved are white blood cells, also called leukocytes, which come in two basic types that combine to seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms or substances.

Why is it important

Immunity is the body’s defense mechanism of the fight against diseases and infections. the human body is exposed to trillions of germs every single day which can be found in the air we breathe, drinking water or food. There is no escaping from bacteria, and the body is always vulnerable to an attack by germs. When the immune system is weak, bacteria tend to be stronger and this is what makes the body susceptible to diseases.

Simple ways to boost your child's IMMUNITY

Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY

Simple Home Methods to Build Your Child’s strong Immunity System

Breast Feed your baby –

Lay the foundation strong by feeding your baby. Remember nothing can replace breast milk ever.

Vaccination – 

Vaccines contain viruses that look like antigens. So the body produces antibodies that can protect you in the future if exposed to antigens. Following a regular vaccination schedule is always good and guards toddlers against various diseases.

Spices like –

Include Garlic, Ginger, Honey, Cinnamon, turmeric, Flax seeds in your regular intake of food. You can mix these in shakes, juices, home-cooked meals or snacks.

Green Vegetables, Oranges, Lemons and Graves, avocado, Kale, are great to boost your immunity system. Try to get your child to eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day. One serving is about 1 cup. Toddlers need about 1 cup each of fruits and vegetables per day.

Foods like –

Fish, Eggs, and Chicken are also very good if included in the diet

Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY

Give your children dry fruits every day like walnuts, almonds. They are wonderful for the system

Include homemade or store-bought Yogurt or Curd daily in your diet.

Prefer to cook your food in coconut, canola or olive oil

Ensure your children take about 10-11 hours of interrupted sleep every day

Let your kids spend some time in the sun early in the morning to make up for their daily intake of Vitamin D

Water –

Drink 2-3 Litres of liquid every day. this not only helps to keep your immunity system working but also is essential for your hair, bones, and overall health of the body. You can include soups, juices also on regular basis.

Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY


this is a great way to keep your child free from diseases. Regular exercise of about 30 minutes daily boosts the immune system and provides many other health benefits to your child. You can also enroll your child in swimming classes, tennis classes or any other sports of his choice.

Avoid Sugar, Junk and Oily Food – Occasional indulgence is ok, but when you overdo this, children will feel the brunt of it

Listen to soothing music to relax. When you stay stressed, your body tends to fall sick more

Maintain body Hygiene –

Ensure children keep themselves clean. Wash your hands often, carry a sanitizer if on a move.

Shower Love on your children. Keep the communication bridge always open. Let them know that you are always available for them No Matter What! Discuss things about the school, and friends regularly

Say Kind words and encourage them for every little act of theirs

What do you do besides these to keep your children healthy? Do share your thoughts and don’t forget to leave your comments, like this blog or share this across social platforms.

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43 thoughts on “Simple ways to boost your child’s IMMUNITY

  1. My toddler recently started school and I was looking for a food item that increases immunity as she is falling sick quite often. Saving it for future reference as well.

  2. This is such a brilliant post, you have covered all the important points. It is very necessary that children develop an effective immune system from the very beginning. Thanks for sharing these simple ways to boost a child’s immunity. Very very helpful for all parents!

  3. These are great tips to help improve child’s immunity. Diet, hydration, environment everything plays a role at the end of the day.

  4. This post sums up all the advantages we can provide to our kids for healthy growth. Immunity boosting super foods and various home-made nuskhe work best on kids. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list.

  5. This is one beautiful piece of information. I didn’t had enough breast milk which always makes me feel guilty for which I try to follow most of your mentioned points.

  6. What a great post. We are getting ready for cold and flu season. As a first time parent, I am terrified to let the baby get sick. Luckily he is a breastfed baby, so hopefully, my body will help him get over anything he might come down with.

  7. Great post. Very practical. I like to boost by nature’s ways, the only hard part is to sneak in all these good stuff in my childs daily food.

  8. I love this post! As a mom who finds the importance in cutting out chemicals used in my home and around my children these tips are not only healthy but practical! I love that you’ve shown people how many different ways you can nurture the body! Great read!

  9. These tips are amazing… I feel like many of them apply to adults, as well. The probiotic-rich foods, veggies, sleep… all super important for immune health. I even love the ones that aren’t obvious, like showing with love. Great post!

  10. Thanks for sharing! This was really informative. I don’t have kids, but this could be very helpful for those with children.

  11. This may help to improve d imunity of d kids. Ll definetly try. Tnx for d sharing princy . one more question… How to deal with overweighted kids … My daughter is 5+ wid 28 kgs… How to reduce her weight? Tnk you ?

  12. I no longer have children at home – I’m now a grandmother! But I know my kids who are parents are very good about eating right and providing nutritious meals and a healthy environment for their kids. I have a couple auto-immune illnesses myself, so I’m always interested in what I can do to boost my own natural immunities.

  13. This is so informative post and the tips are just so practical. I try to create the healthy environment at home for my kids, definitely going to work more on it. Thank you for sharing.

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