Why and How to manage screen time in children


Technology has woven us itself in its web in such a way that we now days cannot do without it. TV, cell phones and our computer have become an indispensable part of our lives. The entire world has moved to the digital world. The databases have been moved to cloud storage and every information now a day is available online. Many mothers use technology as distraction method of feeding. The children do not eat until they see rhymes on the cell phone or their favorite cartoons.

Why and How to manage screen time in children

An average adult head weighs about 4-5 Kgs and this weight is supported by tiny bones of our neck. When we slouch over at an angle of 45 degrees to look into our mobile that’s equivalent to placing a 22 Kgs of stress on the neck. This can often lead to cervical, backache and much more. Imagine these numbers with our children. Their bodies are still under development and this kind of stress can be really harmful to them as they grow.


Why is screen time bad?

  • children carry a higher risk of obesity
  • have a harder time concentrating in school
  • are less social, and more aggressive
  • have less energy
  • have disturbed sleep
  • being influenced by advertisements

Why and How to manage screen time in children

Next time, do the below – when your children ask for their screen time. follow the below tips to know how you can provide an alternative.


Knowledge is power and as parents, we can use this power either as a positive influence or a negative influence on our children and us.

So, here are some simple steps to avoid screen time –


  • Walk the Talk – If you want your children to lessen their time spent online, you will have to show them how. Ditch your mobile phone and computer and take a walk with them, play a game of football, teach them how to cycle or skate. Build a castle or read a storybook or just sit and talk about random things they experience in school. When they see YOU using less of technology, it enforces the thought that you want to convey.
  • Set a limit – everything in limit should be OK. Watching TV for about half an hour or playing one game on your mobile is not going to hurt. Set the limit and mean it. Switch off the tv or take that cell phone as promised away! If you do not follow what you say – the children will always think that it’s ok to extend the time and parents will be ok with it.
  • Engage Kids in activities – Most kids feel bored at home and hence turn to TV or mobile. Plan interesting activities like visiting a zoo, a museum, board games, helping household chores.
  • Let your child earn the screen time – in case if the child is really keen on using screen time, you may give them small chores to complete at home. Like, maybe cleaning the fridge, washing vegetables, cleaning their room, watering plants. Feel free to add as per the age of the child.
  • Talk and decide as a family – Decide this as a family so that everyone agrees that screen time should be minimized and co-curricular activities should be increased. Enroll your children in new skills – like swimming, karate or robotics – or may be in a singing, dance or an art class.
  • DIY – create DIY’s taking ideas from you tube. there are very good children DIY channels that are easy to follow step by step
  • Bedtime routine – switch off TV/mobile at least 1/2 an hour before children go to bed so that the brain can ease itself into the relaxation mode
  • spend 15-20 minutes every day meditating with your children
  • try to watch TV with your children, and once the programe ends, challenge them for a question answer round. this will encourage them in their thinking abilities
  • do not allow TV to keep playing in the background as it is a big distraction

As like with everything, a balance is necessary, in the same manner, screen time also requires you to take a stand and create a balance between how much is allowed and how much is to be avoided.

What do you apart from the above tips to keep your children away from the screen?

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43 thoughts on “Why and How to manage screen time in children

  1. These are really great tips, easier said than done! The reasons for limiting are so right (and scary) – I see it in my oldest (6) and middle one (4.5). We have constant arguments, but i totally agree they need to earn their time, and up to us to keep them occupied when they are not! Really enjoyed your post!

  2. Great post! I loved how you brought up the thought as a parent you have to “walk the walk” I feel I’m doing pretty good at limiting my children’s screen time but as for myself…… I could use some work!

  3. Great tips! I have a 12 month old who is just startin to become interested in the TV so we are trying to get a jump start on managing screen time. I will definitely put some of these tips to good use!

  4. This is a great article! I don’t allow my daughter to watch TV especially as a way to get her to eat and it’s been working great for us. She is only 16months

  5. Love this! Being the example as parents is so important. They’re watching us and learning, and we don’t realize how much we pick up and use our devices in front of them.

  6. Great thoughts! I definitely think there should be a balance when it comes to screen time. I did a paper in one of my college classes on the pros and cons of screen time. There are definitely both and that is why balance is important! Great article ?

  7. Love earning screen time, we do that in our home. Read for 10 minutes, earn 10 minutes. Chores, etc., all good ways to earn that screen time!

  8. I can not agree more on limiting the screen time of kids. I do struggle sometimes but now that I have set the schedules and puzzles/games that keep my kids occupied for a long time, it does makes such a difference. Thank you for sharing the tips.

  9. Yes, yes, and yes! Having worked with kids for so many years, I have to say that you’re so right on these points. We’ve got to teach kids that there is so much more to life than screen time!

  10. When my daughter gets a bit older I know I will try to limit her screen time with lots of reading and time spent outside. My mom did this so hopefully it works for me too.

  11. Some really great tips in here! Screen time is a serious challenge. I strive for balance, so my kids do get a little bit, ha. 🙂

  12. I agree with another commenter that balance is key! We were so anti-screen time AT ALL in the beginning with my oldest, but his teacher noted to us that he was unable to relate to the other kids as much and complete computer assignments effectively because he lacked the basic experience and skills. Great post, you had me cracking up with all the GIF’s! LOL

  13. I think parents should ensure a healthy balance. I’ve met moms who are completely “anti-electronics/TV” and others who could care less. You have to find the right balance for everything in life.

  14. OMg. I so needed this read. <3 I admit it can really be hard especially since I need that screen time to have him preoccupied when we work.

  15. This is very informative. I try to limit my kid’s screen time. Although sometimes it is hard it really is important. I once had someone tell me I was “damaging” our kids by not allowing them unlimited access to screens.

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