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15th December is International Tea Day. It is an annual celebration of tea and It is celebrated in many tea growing countries. It is celebrated to bring awareness to the tea pickers and tea trade workers. By giving tea it’s own special day national governments, will be prodded into addressing problems in the tea growing areas.  Tea pickers face major issues like housing, no education and in many cases poor healthcare also.

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I have been a tea addict all my life and I remember days when I would drink 6-7 cups in a day. ( not exaggerating at all)

About 1.5 years ago, while I was going through my daily ritual of reading the morning newspaper, I stumbled upon the article that talked about black tea and its advantages. I was aghast, which lead me to do a little more research on the Google and that’s when I found that the milk tea that I had been drinking all these years -was NOT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH

Imagine reading something and coming to the realization that unknowingly you; yourself have been bringing ill health to your own body. Well, it took me a couple of days to digest this and that’s when we (husband too) ditched the milk tea and moved to Black Tea.

Of course, it was not palatable at first , but gradually we got a hang of it and ever since we have been black tea lovers.


In this blog – I will introduce you to how to make your first cup of Black Tea and its myriad benefits –

Black tea is one of the simplest teas to make.

⇒ Bring water to roaring boil

⇒ Pour this water into a cup of tea leaves. This helps with the infusion

⇒ Let it infuse and standby for 50-55 seconds

⇒ Strain with a help of a strainer and enjoy your black tea

I don’t add any sweetener, but you can definitely add sugar, honey, as per your liking. I like my black tea with a flavour of cinnamon or lemongrass. So, when I boil water – I put one leaf of lemongrass (my own grown) to it.

Why I Love Black Tea – 

⇒ Black tea is high in thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin C

⇒ It also is very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants in black tea are believed to help strengthen the body’s ability to counter free radicals that damage the cells.

⇒ It is believed to help promote good oral health. Components in black tea are believed to help fight bacteria such as lactobacillus that is linked to the development of tooth decay and gum disease.

⇒ Black tea may be helpful in promoting strong bones. It is believed that components in the brew may be helpful in strengthening bone mineral density in individuals.

⇒ Black tea may help fight effects of stress. Components in black tea are believed to help reduce the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the blood.

⇒ It may help increase energy levels. The caffeine in black tea is believed to aid in boosting energy levels in the body.

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What about you ? are you a tea fanatic as well? Do share in the comments below. I would love to read them and know if there are other black tea lovers as well 🙂

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