Top Ways To Empower Your Child

What You Perceive is What You Achieve.

You must have read or even heard this many times. Many people are now finally realizing the power it holds, but did you know that you can use this to empower your children? If no, then you are on the right page and you should continue reading. It is very easy for the little minds to lose confidence and hence as parents it’s our responsibility to understand and help our kids where ever we can.

Affirmations are positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. They help you visualize, and believe in, what you’re affirming to yourself, helping you to make positive changes in your life and career.


Why are they important? At the simplest level, when we feel good about ourselves and have a positive attitude, our lives tend to run smoothly. On the other hand, when we feel bad about ourselves and have a negative attitude, we tend to engage in self-defeating behaviors which may cause negative outcomes, like financial mishap, interpersonal drama, or acute or chronic illness. ( reference from

How can they help your children

Growing up is tough. As parents, we may not realize the daily struggles of a child when he is at his daycare, or at his school. The constant pressure of doing well in studies, in sports or excel in curricular activities is sometimes too much to handle for the young minds. Have you ever realized that when we compare our children to someone else – how does that affect them? Well, that is probably the worst thing ever – you would do as a parent to your child. To discourage and humiliate you own child and making him feel less than someone else is not something that your child looks forward to from his parents.

They might not be able to excel in studies, sports or your expectations, BUT still, they need to know that IT IS OK. They need to know that you will be with them, for them in every circumstance. It is very important and critical that we build our children up, and we can do this every day by using affirmations.

Our mind is a very powerful tool and it can achieve anything that the mind believes in. Having said this – it’s not easy to train your mind. It takes weeks, months and years of practice to achieve the same. It also depends on a person’s willingness to accept and change.

Do you remember being bullied in your childhood or in your teen years – do you still carry that emotion thought with you? Maybe someone body shamed you? Also, what about the moments when your parents said something to you that still gives you strength to overcome obstacles? That is your mind programmed to thoughts. The body behaves to what the mind believes in. In the same manner, using the mind impressions – we can use these affirmations to mould our children into independent, confident beings.

The ideal time to say/repeat these affirmations – are just before kids sleep. These should repeat these with peaceful, strong emotion with their eyes closed.

Some of our favorite affirmations – that I practice at home with my children are –

  1. “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!”
  2. “I am proud of myself!”
  3. “I enjoy being happy and cheerful”
  4. “I know I’m important”
  5. “I can do anything I focus my mind on”
  6. “I enjoy helping others”
  7. I have lots of friends who love me.
  8. I trust in my abilities.
  9. I solve problems.
  10. I have lots of energy
  11. I am kind to others.
  12. I believe in myself.
  13. I believe in my dreams.
  14. I have the courage to be myself.
  15. I am okay with who I am.
  16. I am a winner
  17. I am proud of myself.
  18. I take care of my responsibilities.
  19. I am beautiful.
  20. I like being challenged.
  21. I am a bright student.
  22. I am important.

How to use these affirmations?

Each of these affirmations will only take effect – if you believe they will work. You can help them believing in it. It may take 3-4 weeks for the child to absolutely believe in these and these to set in their mind.

>> Write them on a paper and slip it in their lunch box or a notebook, where they will see it

>> Repeat them daily – like you would meditate. Ask them to close their eyes, breathe deeply and chant these

>> Encourage them daily to use these as per the situation they are in

Have you ever tried using affirmations or is this first time you are reading about them? Don’t forget to share your experiences with me, Like, share and comment on this and let other parents know how important affirmations can be for altering children behavior.

This is for you – 

“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– A.A. Milne/Christopher Robin

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22 thoughts on “Top Ways To Empower Your Child

  1. Great to know about the parenting tips. The ideas given in the post applies for everyone. Affirmations are truly helpful in family and in career. Let me also practice them. Thank you

  2. I agree. This is the way i want to raise my child. he’s only 2 but i already started. It’s very important to raise confident human beings. They will change the world.

  3. Positive reinforcement is so important is raising children who are empowered. Thank you for sharing such a wonder post.

  4. Positive reinforcement and attitude is always the key for breaking in those negative thoughts. Because in the end, an aggressive child is just someone who needs to be helped, cuddled and loved

  5. Repetation of your positive thoughts work best for affirmation. So say I love you to your child and you will be with them in any situation as you do so, talk to your child daily. You just give fantastic ideas for positive affirmation.

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