Wings of Freedom – Let your kids fly !

Giving freedom to children, is a very controversial subject, as every parent would have a different perspective to it. While some may want to give their kids 100% freedom and choose their life the way they want to , where as some one would be like me – trying to keep a balance between the good and bad, while some may choose to be little more stricter. I believe that children are like wet cement, and what ever falls on this wet cement, makes an impression for life long. Wings of Freedom – Let your kids fly !

As much i want my kids to be safe in this dangerous world, i would also like them to experience the struggle that comes along with it. While they can enjoy the pampering of this loving mother, they also get to see the practical, logical mother that I am

I have never been an over protective parent. Kids fall, they get their ankles skinned, they do not get first position at school, they stumble and they fall. their hearts break and their every wish does not get fulfilled. Sounds like a normal human being’s life and that’s how exactly i want my children to grow up. like NORMAL PEOPLE. Of course they get all the love, they want and deserve at this tender age. they get stubbon and ask for what they want, but they are also made to understand – what’s a want and what’s a need, and which is more impotrtant.

Instead of filling their room with toys, I let them be free. They self play , which is so important, as it helps in getting creative and imaginative. they make up stories, draw, color, make crafts. We talk and sing, dance when we can, go to park and play. Read bed time stories and they also help me in household chores. Am i being strict with them by not getting them too many toys or not agreeing to what ever they say ?

May be Yes, its being strict. For me, freedom is not constrained by the fact that they don’t get what ever they want. It is also, freedom to think and speak. Providing them a conscious choice, where they can think and can make logical decisions.

So, this is how i provide freedom to my children – when a situation arises, I respond like below as per the situation – 

≡ Its OK to fail and score less marks at school.

≡ Its OK when a child says something bad to them at school or park.

≡ Its OK to take risks in life. Every thing will NOT turn out the way they had planned.

≡ Its OK to be independent and do their work on their own. Mamma do not have to do everything for them.

Giving Freedom to Kids - what and how much is ok ?

≡ House work is a responsibility that everyone should own. My son is responsible for setting his own room,taking out his own clothes and so on and so forth. 

≡ Its OK if someone says they are not your friend. Everyone will not be your friend always.

≡ You can become anything you want. If you can dream it, you can become and achieve it. 

≡ You are the best as you are. 

≡ Stay Positive, no matter what the situation is. cry if you have to, but get up again and get prepared once again. Try and try again. 

≡ What ever happens to you, We are ALWAYS their for you NO MATTER WHAT. 

So, what do you think about this article ? Do you agree to my view point ? How much freedom do you think is really OK for kids ?

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Priyanka from mommynshanaya  for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Aritra Raj from thelattemom and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does  Freedom Mean To You’.



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6 thoughts on “Wings of Freedom – Let your kids fly !

  1. Yes, we should give the freedom to our kids to explore and know the world more closely. But, we should also make sure that in the process, they do not hurt somebody. And, if they get hurt in the process, then they should learn to get up and get going. Lovely write up by the way.

  2. A very much needed write up for the current type of parenting world we are into dear. Finding the thin line and sticking to it is the toughest. Excellent writing.

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