5 Reasons Why I Still Love you!

A love letter to my husband and 5 Reasons Why I Still Love you!

Mere words cannot do justice or a letter with 5 Reasons Why I Still Love you! cannot begin to tell you, how I feel about you.

This year we will complete 10 years of marriage and 13 years of being together ! Now, that is a milestone in itself – decade of crazy times. May be i could tell all this face to face – but I wanted to go old school and let you know 5 Reasons Why I Still Love you !

Hi Harjot, ( This is really weird)

Like many couples we have loved and fought. It has been a roller coaster ride ( not that i am complaining ) When I look back at these years – I feel blessed. ( not sure about YOU though – hahaha ?? )

Our beautiful children ?remind me of the miracle ? we created and the way they are growing are proof we are doing good as parents ?

So, here is my 5 Reasons Why I Still Love you! You Ready ?

1. You are compassionate – When you see someone who is in need of help, you jump right in to help them. Be it a hawker on a road, or the security guard at the ATM or the street vendor selling car accessories on a cross road. You have helped them in kin and kind. I am sure there are loads of people who bless you everyday. Agam is already following your footsteps.

2. You are passionate about growth – May be other people are too, but I have seen very few people who actually spend time on upgrading themselves, while on a job. I have seen you studying , completing you college degrees and other certifications. Staying up late and getting up early never bothered you – you still had time for us always. Although, many times i have no suggestion to give you, you still discuss work with me.

Still with me ? Keep reading my 5 Reasons Why I Still Love you!

3. You love our children – When I see you loving our children, i love you more. The way you become childish with them, the way you laugh and play with them, is sheer bliss for me. I wish you could spend more time with them. They miss you a lot when you are at work.

4. You are funny – Yes, all those funny things that you do at home are really funny and crack all of us; specially that laugh. Do you remember the way Agam copied you yesterday ? You have a tendency to cheer me up, so many times in your own weird way.

5. I Love you – Well, not a cliche, but i guess I am in still in love with those brown eyes that actually pulled me towards you. Your love has been my strength, my pillar and my rock every time I felt like giving up. When a girl gets married and walks into a new home, she leaves her home, i did that too. I literally left everything , every relationship for ours.

Yes, I miss all of them terribly but you try your best to make up for it. You changed for me, so that you could celebrate Christmas since its important to me.

I still remember when you said, from today – I am your papa, mummy, brother and everything. Thank You !

Thank you for the little and big things that you do. You are not the romantic one that i had dreamed off, but you are perfect just the way you are.

Thank you for reading 5 Reasons Why I Still Love you! which is an odd of my love for my husband. If you liked, what you read, leave a comment for me !

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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Still Love you!

  1. this is such a sweet letter!! Indeed, 5 reasons is too much to love somene, when simply the 5th reason is all that you need!! loved reading this Princy, may love always find a way between you two!

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