Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, I wish you were not the way you were, when you were growing. I know being a teenager, is not easy and no one to understand you is a worse situation. Dear Younger Self, life was tough. I am writing this letter to let you to know – that i NOW understand, what you did was because you had your own reasons.

Dear Younger Self

The constant fights at home between your parents. The constant generation gap between you and them was a mental stress on an everyday basis. May be you were wrong, but then no one seemed to know or understand what you were going through.

Dear Younger Self

Our parents wanted you to take medical as a professional, wanted you to become a nurse – like many keralite girls do become and fly to Dubai. Unfortunately, you wanted something else. You wanted to do a B.B.A and break the stereotype. There was a lot of pressure and fights between you and your parents but they finally gave up and let you do what you wanted to go. – Dear Younger Self – Good that you stood up for what you wanted.

You believed a lot of people. People who did not deserve your loyalty and friendship. you confided in them your deepest secrets but they chose to spill it out. You grew distant from them and the friends became strangers – Good, that you started learning soon.

Dear Younger Self

You were not confident of your who you were. You were always scared, body shaming yourself was a part of your daily life. Thank God you came of it. You tried to study hard and be the good daughter who were supposed to be.

When other girls of my age were studying further, you dropped out and started working at a small age of 18, just because you wanted to help your parents financially. No one asked you, why you dropped your studies all of a sudden. No one asked you, why did you chose to work for a mere salary of Rs – 3000/- ?

You wanted to help, but you were taken otherwise. Don’t worry. Working early in your life taught you many things. It taught you how to talk to people. Dear Younger Self – It taught you how to be independent. I taught you to believe in yourself.

Dear Younger Self

You met your husband when you were working in 2004. The parents never approved of him, but still you ended marrying him. Dear Younger Self – that was a bold move leaving everything. Today, at 10 years of marriage, I know that was the best decision of my life.

Don’t worry. You did well, congrats. You came out stronger and more wiser. Every struggle made you more self sufficient.

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11 thoughts on “Dear Younger Self

  1. It’s not just once, but a 100 times that i have felt that you and I have a lot in common… and a lot in uncommon as well. But yes, this letter is kind of what i would have read out to myself when i was younger! i’m glad things chnged and i’m glad to know the perfectly seasoned Princy that I know today!

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