My place of Zen

.My place of Zen – My house in Bangalore.

I never thought, i would be writing a letter to you, but here I am writing one to you. My place of Zen. Physically, I may have changed 3 homes since my marriage, but I guess, Home is a feeling, just not a architecturally standing building. My house you are My place of Zen – a place where i shut everything and get into my cocoon of comfort. I can be crazy, have a messy bun, wear anything and not look good and still be comfortable. Only You could give me that ease and no one else. You are my home, my safe place, the one place in the entire universe where i am ME and you never ever judge me.

My place of Zen

When i came to see you for the first time in June 2015, I was really happy. The clean walls, the squeaky shiny white floor, the vastness in your cupboards. You were perfect by all means and while we paid – little extra to get you, it was worth it completely. You were going to be My place of Zen. Even today, when someone visits us for the first time, they always compliment us for our choice of house. We are complimented on the fact, that you reside in this beautiful locality which is surrounded by greenery. In fact, did you know you reside in one of the best localities of Bangalore ? Well, now you know !

My place of Zen

My daughter, Baani was born in this home. You have witnessed my pregnancy from my 6th month. You saw my worries, the days when i was tensed and while you could not speak – I know you understood. I know you heard. You saw me getting ready for the day i had to walk out for my c-section and you saw me coming back with my baby girl. I am sure you were thrilled to her just as her father was. You know how he wanted a girl always.

The dreams she brought with her, I am sure you saw them too. You have been a witness to the endless nights when i got up to feed her, while everyone slept in a slumber – you used to wake up too with me 🙂 You are My place of Zen. Thank you !

You have seen many times when my husband and I have fought here and have been a silent spectator to it all. Thank you for not freaking out !

You are an abode of tranquility. After a hard day of work, when i am going crazy with my son, daughter and work – you provide the much needed peace i need. When my body is breaking with pain, you are there to sense it and be with me and that is why you are My place of Zen. Thank You !

My place of Zen

We are loud people ( you already know that ), but you still put up with us. You put up with all the nonsensical things my kids keep throwing here and there. You understand and forgive me when i am unable to clean you. Thank You !

Thank you for keeping me and my family safe. When my husband is travelling, i never get scared because of your strong walls and the strong black grills around the house. The glistening white marble floors remind me that i have to keep you clean, like i take care of myself everyday.

Thank you for your beautiful balconies where my greens are planted. The fresh Tulsi, Lemongrass, Mint, Coriander and Aloe Vera adorn and make you more inviting.

Thank you for making me smile every time I take a turn into our lane and I look at you. I know as soon i come into my home, my soul will be at peace. Thank you for looking more beautiful every time i clean and scrub you. Thank you for hosting the innumerable get togethers we have with our friends. You rightly deserve to be called My place of Zen

My place of Zen

Thank you for watching over us and our babies as we grew, learned, suffered and blossomed. If you are near by some where – Me and My House – My place of Zen – Welcomes you with open arms.

My place of Zen

This post is a part of Lol-a-thon hosted by Momsteins’ . I would like to thank Dr Priyanka Sehgal who blogs at mommynshanaya for introducing me to this amazing blogathon of LOL – letters of love. I also would like to introduce you to Anupriya mommytincture.  Hop over to her blog to read more love letters.


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26 thoughts on “My place of Zen

  1. Home is a place you can feel like what you really are. No need of makeup from face to heart. We can be sad, we can jump, we can shout and we can cry. Oor sweet home is a place where we shares all beautiful memories, no matter how big your house is, love is bigger than sq.foot area!!!!

  2. This totally touched my heart because I am currently searching for a house. This is exactly how you want to feel. Like you want to feel connected to the home and make a life there. You have captured EXACTLY what I want. This was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I loved reading about the advancement of your life in your home. Such a beautiful blessing.

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