Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases With Natural Mosquito Repellent

We love outdoors, every evening we look forward to the time when we will step out. Every day I take my children to the near by park so that they can run and play around. Sometimes they accompany me to the nearest grocery store or the provision store. As much as we love being outdoors, my heart breaks to see my kids when they complain about mosquito bites. As a parent, i want them to be safe, but i also dont want to be infected by any mosquitoes and want to Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

Before we head out I ensure they wear long sleeved tops and long bottoms so this is avoided. Unfortunately this is impossible in summers when the sun is shining down in all it’s glory. So, how do can we as parents Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases?

Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

Why is it important to Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases ?

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous critters on the planet as they can spread deadly diseases very easily and at a fast pace. With the rise in reports of Zika Virus, Malaria, Dengue fever and Chikungunya around the world, its quite scaring how these little creatures can create havoc. Hence, their notorious reputation.

We have Mosquito repellents , creams that can be used for keeping mosquitoes away but with children, who keep moving, these never seem to work.

To put all your worries to rest – Goodknight has come out with the perfect solution to protect the health of your family. Goodknight is well-known and has been a trusted brand since many years.

Introducing – Goodknight Fabric Roll-On.

What is it ?

 It is a mosquito repellent that works perfectly to Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

Why Goodknight Fabric Roll-On?

1. It is 100% Natural – The Roll Ons have pure Citronella and Eucalyptus oil. It is made up of concentrated natural oils and both these oils are natural mosquito repellents.

2. Pediatrician certified as baby safe. Goodknight natural mosquito repellent is safe to be used for babies and children alike. For babies from 0-2 months of age – the roll on can be applied safely on their cot, pram, strollers or slings. For babies above the age of 2 months – you just need to apply 4 DOTS on the clothes they are wearing before stepping out. 2 Dots on the either side of shoulders and other 2 Dots on the both knees and you are ready to Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases.

3. Easy application on clothes. It is just 4 dotsNo more of carrying creams, or looking for switches to plug in the repellent. Your kids are free to run and play. Goodknight understands that children are not meant to sit at one place and this Roll On allows them to be what they are. The Roll on has been tested on all kind of cloth materials like silk, khadi, windcheaters, etc.

4. Provides Protection up to 8 hours – It works perfectly to Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases like dengue, malaria & chikungunya. Ensures that your child and family is always protected.

5. Available in 2 fragrance versions – This Roll On comes in 2 variations of fragrances. Citrus and Bubble gum and both are really pleasant. If your child complains of a strong smell, then you should apply the dots away from the nose. Change the fragrance if the child does not like the present one that you have.


Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases
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6.Non Staining – Goodknight natural mosquito repellent and herbal mosquito repellent are made of non-staining ingredients and will not leave any kind stains on your clothes. So, you can safely wear and make your children wear any kind of cloth material and not worry about ugly stains.

7. Pocket Friendly – Both versions are available at Rs-75/- and at this nominal price you ensure your families protection. The Roll on is easy to carry and can easily fit in normal wallets / clutches as well. You can buy from any online website or chemist shops.

In case of any doubts , Goodknight has a list of FAQ’s listed on their website OR you can check you tube for how to apply this roll on.

With so many positive points and a nominal price Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is the perfect mosquito repellent to Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases. Buy your bottle today and ensure your family is safe and sound all year around.

Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

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13 thoughts on “Prevent Mosquito Borne Diseases

  1. Goodnight has come up with really effective and easy to use personal repellents. I have been using it for my kids and it’s an essential in our outdoors kit! Thanks for detailing the features and benefits.. very helpful.

  2. My daughter, just like me, is this mosquito magnet and we are always the first to get the bites!! She used to complain of bites, even in her school van and came home itching and sore. Now she religiously will apply these four spots of this roll on and it really has helped! I am so grateful to goodnight for this solution.

  3. Your post has come just in time. I have been trying to find a way to help my daughter from these mosquitoes which has increased since the last month. The goodnight fabric roll on seems like the right product. Will try it out.

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