Proud sonshine of my life

Dear Agam – Proud sonshine of my life !

You are going to be 9 years in September 2018 ! and to be true it is unbelievable. I am somewhere still in denial that I have a son who is half my height and will be 10 next year! Woooah !! Makes me realize that I am also getting old. You are the Proud sonshine of my life and will remain so forever ! You are the one who transformed me into a mother from a woman and opened a new horizon to my Life !

I still remember the day you were born. I was so scared to hold you and every moment I would glance at you just to make sure you were breathing and not crying. You were so fragile and small that I panicked and always felt, I will drop you, after all you were the Proud sonshine of my life

Proud sonshine of my life

Proud sonshine of my life

I would click so many pictures of you in the same pose – only to wonder why did I click 50 pictures of you sleeping !!

I have grown with you, as a mother and as an individual. I have seen you struggle, I have seen you win. I have seen you angry and I have got annoyed at the hundreds of questions you ask daily !!

I just want to let you know that you are loved by Mumma and Papa alike. You will always be our handsome, intelligent and rocking boy – even when you turn 38 years. ( there is no way you are getting free from us any soon ). You are Proud sonshine of my life and your father’s as well.

Proud sonshine of my life

Proud sonshine of my life

I will always be there for you as you enter into your teen years to help you as you struggle through your studies or when you have your first heartbreak or when you step out for your first interview or maybe when you will be disappointed with your failures. Maybe you will not like me to hug and kiss you so often as we do now, and so I cherish all the hugs, smiles and kisses; but still you will always remain the Proud sonshine of my life

Be what you want to be – I don’t want you to a doctor, engineer, a pilot or be an IAS officer. I want you to be someone who is happy and content with his career choice. Do it because you want to .. because it will make you happy.

Proud sonshine of my life

Proud sonshine of my life

The only thing I expect from you is to be with your sister, help her and guide her. After we are gone, don’t let her feel alone. Try to visit her on all festivals, wish her on her birthday and love her children. We all make mistakes, we are human after all – you will also do some, love all; despite all of it. Never feel bitter towards someone just because they did you bad. Be the greater one, rise above the situation.


Also, respect women. Be gentle and a caring husband and a father. Women are emotional beings and they only need someone to understand them. We women can hide our emotions very well, and so you will never know if the woman in front of you is breaking apart as she passes a smile. Learn to look beyond the beauty of the skin.

I hope when I am gone, and I look down from the heaven above – I see my Agam as a strong headed but a gentleman.

I know you will make me proud! Proud sonshine of my life > Always Remember > I loved you and will always do. No matter where you go or what you become or what you do. With all my love, God bless you!

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Proud sonshine of my life is an open letter to my son , which i would like him to read one day and understand it.

This post is a part of Lol-a-thon hosted by Momsteins’ . I would like to thank Dr Priyanka Sehgal who blogs at mommynshanaya for introducing me to this amazing blogathon of LOL – letters of love. I also would like to introduce you to Anupriya mommytincture.  Hop over to her blog to read more love letters.


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  1. What a sweet letter to your son. He’s a handsome fella! It’s so amazing how they change your life so much. I never knew I could love someone so much as much as I do my son.

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