How to make sure you SPOIL your child

Every parent wants that their children to be independent, confident individuals. We always want their best and always strive to provide the best for them. The best of clothes, school, facilities and toys. We want their every whim and fancy to be fulfilled, which is great but do you also know that by over doing this – we actually spoil our children ?  If everyone is easily accessible – they lose the value of the same. In this post, I’ll share some sure shot ways of How to make sure you SPOIL your child.

You will find many resources on the internet, that guide us about how to raise good, confident children, but very few talk about what could be going wrong. As a parent, sometimes, its tough to hold yourself back. You want to do everything there is possible for your children.

How to make sure you SPOIL your child

  1. Let your children give up on projects and not encourage them to carry on and find a solution.
  2. Give them each and everything they ask for – even when it’s not required
  3. Go all the way to get something done, when you know it will be financially, mentally or physically challenging
  4. Let them talk disrespectfully to you – and being OK with it.
  5. Let them misbehave and be unreasonable ( this is not for babies and toddlers)

How to make sure you SPOIL your child

  1. Always helping kids and not letting them try things on their own
  2. Over protecting your child by interfering in all aspects of their life
  3. When your children misbehave with other children at school and you do not take care or talk about the issue
  4. When children throws tantrums, instead of understanding the situation and working on a solution – you try a workaround. In other words, not tackling the tantrum itself.
  5. Not following any discipline at home or school

Going all the way just to fulfill every whim of the child – the child is now under the impression that all the wishes – whether logic or logic less will be fulfilled no matter what. The child grows up with the same mentality and is unable to tackle difficult situations because  now no one is there to help and provide.

Children need our love, time and understanding. Gifts are only a way of showing love – not love itself.

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