Foods that help kids Concentrate Better

One of the major challenges that mothers of school going children face is what to pack in lunch everyday. Food is the building fuel of our body. Children are a bouncing ball of energy and it is so vital that we understand what kind of food will actually help them physically and mentally. Their food needs to be top notch. You can contribute by providing them with Foods that help kids concentrate better and play more actively.

We all probably already know that If we don’t eat appropriately, it tends to effect all the major functions of the body. Food is the fuel that our bodies use to function, think, play, and work. When we do not eat food at regular intervals, our body loses its energy and the capability to do basic work.

The same happens when children have exams. During examinations it’s not just the children who are stressed but it’s the parents as well. It may mean missed meal times or stark reduction in intake of meals.

Foods that help kids Concentrate Better

It’s a common scenario to see children engrossed with their books and locked away in their room studying for their exams. Mother should offer foods which are rich in Vit. C, B5, B6, zinc, magnesium, potassium. These are required for the generation of stress-fighting hormones.

It’s a common saying that – we are what we eat. So, during exams educate your children to eat healthy rather than savoring on junk.

Foods that help kids Concentrate Better

> Protien rich food – if you are a vegetarian, you can choose to make daals, soya chunks sabzi, cutlet or curry. Green peas, tofu, chickpeas and kidney beans. If you are a non vegetarian, you can have chicken or eggs.

> Green Vegetables – Make mix vegetable sabzi or you can offer steamed vegetables sautéed’ in olive oil / ghee. There are so many known combinations of veegtables that you can cook all week and still never fall short of options.

> Whole Grains – Use whole grains like oats or brown rice. You can choose to make chilla of oats, dosa, a pancake or masala porridge to break the monotony of plain oats. Make vegetable Palau or fried rice with brown rice

> Dry Fruits and Seeds – Keep offering dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds. You can make smoothies, shakes and incorporate these seeds in them

> Keep children hydrated – never fall short of water. It’s probably the most important aspect of staying alert all day.

Foods that are good in memory retention are –

> Berries – every color and taste, whole eggs, green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, salmon, nuts and seeds. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, healthy carbs and they act as excellent brain food.

> Peanut Butter – Children love peanut butter, and it can be used in various ways. You can roll in it a parantha or just spread on a sandwich. It is packed with vitamin E, and thiamin, which is good for the brain, and glucose which gives energy.

> Milk & Yogurt – Vitamins are necessary for growth of brain tissue. Did you know that milk is a good source of Neurotransmitters, and enzymes. Low fat milk or yogurt is great sources of protein and carbohydrates for the brain and retention power.

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> Dark Chocolate – Research has proven that the plant compound called flavanols – found in cocoa beans, used in making chocolates – can improve your heart’s health and help ease stress,” Less stress obviously helps children focus better and concentrate on studies.

Foods that help kids Concentrate Better

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4 thoughts on “Foods that help kids Concentrate Better

  1. This is something I constantly struggle with and worry about – I’m always stressed about what my kids are eating and how I can make their meals healthier. Thanks so much for the tips and suggestions. This helps a bunch 🙂

  2. I was pleasantly surprised that I already pack a lot of these suggested foods in my son’s lunchbox! Thank you for the article—as a mom, I’m always trying to make sure I do everything I can to ensure my son’s health, happiness, and success.

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