Healthy Nutrition for Kids

What does healthy nutrition for kids look like? It’s not as straightforward as you may think, but it can have a massive impact on brain development, metabolism, and the overall health of your child. Good nutrition gives children the best possible start in life and the eating patterns which you promote during their infancy will serve as foundations for their future. What a child is given to eat early on in life will have a huge impact on the future.

Healthy Nutrition for Kids

Feeding the wrong food or diet to a child can have some really bad consequences such as health problems or excess weight. Having a lot of excess body fat isn’t healthy for anyone, let alone a child, and it can trigger disease in both adulthood and childhood.

For example, 70% of obese teenagers are already showing scary signs of cardiovascular disease, and this isn’t a problem which just disappears overnight. Fat can also accumulate in the liver and is the leading cause of liver disease in children worldwide.

Just like us adults, children depend on having good digestion. However, their young age and primitive development means they are more prone to bacterial infections and viruses in the gut; the result of this is sometimes diarrhea and can be a sign of intestinal infections.

Healthy Nutrition for Kids

Not all diarrhea is the result of illness, though – it can be caused by things such as fruit juice or high amounts of milk. At the end of the day, the message to take home is that poor quality diets are the cause of these gastrointestinal problems which are very common among kids.

Just like adults too, an imbalance in gut bacteria can influence the immune system and reduce immune system function. This is why probiotics are sometimes recommended to be given to kids as a dietary supplement to help improve gut health, stop diarrhea, and control gut inflammation.

Developing brains need a high number of good quality nutrients to aid this development. Poor nutrition can influence your child’s mood and cause behavioral problems, depression, and ADHD or violence.

This includes caffeine too, where it has been found that as little as 100 mg of caffeine in children can cause massive changes in a child’s mood and be enough to get them hooked on it. After all, caffeine is a drug.

Healthy Nutrition for Kids

When it comes to childhood nutrition, it is not an easy thing to tackle. Poor nutrition in children can be a complex problem socially and can be tied to socioeconomic status among other things. In the UK and US, kids are often being fed low quality and high energy foods, because these are mass-produced and cheaply available on a wide scale. Because of the price and lower availability of nutritious foods, many are turning to artificial supplements.

Speaking of which, consider the price of a McDonald’s Happy Meal vs the cost of buying some fresh fruits and veggies. A small box of strawberries or a Kg of kiwis can set you back as much as $2-3 in some places, if not more!

This is quite ironic when we look at developing countries, where the poorer kids and families eat traditional diets and local agricultural foods, and the richer families often eat these “luxury” high energy low quality foods because they can afford to import them or pay the premium for them.

Healthy Nutrition for Kids

It’s quite the juxtaposition and is certainly something to ponder; in developing countries the children from poorer backgrounds are often much healthier as a result of the wholesome and nutritious diet they have access to.

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23 thoughts on “Healthy Nutrition for Kids

  1. Absolutely having a well. Balanced meal. Without the need for MacDonald’s or chocolates and sugar given to children everyday is needed. This junk. Food given daily in countries like USA and UK and Australia is causing obesity in kids there.

  2. Such a useful post! I’m always trying to feed right nutritious food to my child and this post boots me even more now! I like how adding veggies to most foods and how presentation can add a touch specially while feeding kids.


  3. This is such a helpful article. My son is really fussy and Im currently working on improving his eating habits and routine. The article will be really helpful.


  4. Nutrition in kids have to be balanced right from the start with respect to macro and micro nutrients. I have seen that kids as small as 2-3 years are being given additional supplements these days .

  5. This article comes at a time when I need it the most. My daughter is a fussy eater and had an episode of dysentery. It wasn’t much but she seems to have lost weight which isn’t good. I am more keen on feeding her the right food but at times you just can’t. But this article is helpful.

  6. You have got everything perfectly described. It is a very important topic which needs to be highlighted even more. and prices do take a toll on many.

  7. These definitely seem to be a good set of healthy options for kids. I will bookmark this and surely refer the same. The only concern is that the kids should like to take them. We need to always tell me 100’s of things to make them eat 🙂

  8. Such a brilliant post related to healthy nutrition for kids. Nutrition plays an important role in improving the overall growth and development of children. Must read for all parents.

  9. Here you have written about the healthy nutrition, that I understand. But I want to know some homemade food recipes for my child nutrition. Do you have any?

  10. I totally agree, as a parent we need to make sure that kids are away from junk food. A nutrition diet is must for the overall physical and mental development

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