Smart gadget for your workout

The greater part of these gadgets makes your life – or exercises – helpful. Savvy dress and brilliant shoes, for example, can disclose to you when it's a great opportunity to take a rest, or when you ought to wrap up your activity. These gadgets include another tech-rich way to deal with … Continue reading

Menstrual Cup, break the taboo

When someone suggests a Menstrual Cup to you; how do you generally react? Do you cringe, roll your eyes or just think NOT ME! If you did exactly that - let me tell you, I was at your place 2 years ago, and that is why exactly we should talk more about it Menstrual Cups, break the taboo. ( Cupverted … Continue reading

Breastfeeding during Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan started many new mothers have multiple questions and confusions regarding Breastfeeding during Ramadan. In this post, after doing much research, I will let you know everything that you need to know. The holy month of Ramadan started on Wednesday, 16 May and comes to … Continue reading

Low Weight Gain in Children

Low Weight Gain in Children is one of the many concerns that a parent has. When a child is born, we expect the child to be chubby, like we see in TV commercials. A child gains weight very rapidly in the first year of his life. This happens as the weight is needed for the developmental support. … Continue reading