Change is the only constant in life

The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Heraclitus,¬†quoted - Change is the only constant in life. We all go through changes every day. Some are expected, some are surprising, some we accept with our whole heart, while some we dread. Changes affect us all, and we all have our coping mechanisms in place … Continue reading

Nutrition for Kids

Our children are at a stage, where they are constantly developing mentally, physically and emotionally. In order for these little minds and bodies to grow suitably, nutrition for kids is essential.¬†Children must not only just eat nutritious food, but should also be exposed to all kind of food that … Continue reading

10 Ways to become a great Dad

Being a new parent, especially a father, is overwhelming. While there are many who are there to hand hold a woman as she transitions into a mother, the poor man is left stranded alone. In my own husband's words, he was not ready. Well, he had held babies before but to have one of his own, was, a … Continue reading

Emotional Self Care

Like most of us who regularly take care of our physical body, I am sure you also take care of yourself. From making sure we brush our teeth every day, to change into fresh clothes every day, blow dry our hair, clipping your nails... I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to get at. Although … Continue reading

When I dared to let go

As a woman, we all go through and break our boundaries. We do things that we do not like but still do for the sake of our love for our parents, family, husband, and children. Yes, I am also one of you. Just like you, I dared to dream and stepped out of my boundaries many a time. Married the man of … Continue reading