When I dared to let go

As a woman, we all go through and break our boundaries. We do things that we do not like but still do for the sake of our love for our parents, family, husband, and children. Yes, I am also one of you. Just like you, I dared to dream and stepped out of my boundaries many a time. Married the man of my dreams, Lost a lot during the process but gained a loving, nurturing husband and family in return. I did something else too.. When I dared to let go…Keep Reading to know more what happened.

When I dared to let go

When I dared to let go
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I was a working woman when we learned that we were expecting. It was a feeling of rush, while my husband hysterically laughed, I sat down with tears rolling down my eyes. I just could not believe it. My son was born in September 2009 and my maternity leave was only until December 2009. Towards the end of my leave, I started panicking. I did not want to leave work but also did not want my son to be in a daycare. I was just not ready to go back to work as yet. We pondered, fought and at the end, my maternal instincts won. I left work and never ever felt guilty about the same.

By the time my son was 16 months old, I got a very good opportunity which I did not want to leave. We searched for a good daycare and luckily got a very good home daycare. The aunty was like an angel to me. In her care, my son only bloomed… but I missed out on everything.

When I dared to let go

As days went by, my son started walking – but I was not there when he walked for the first time. He started eating on his own – but I was not there to supervise and decide what he would have eaten. My son was toilet trained and I was not there. It seemed, life was moving at a fast pace and I had no idea what was happening. In the midst of everything, I was not present. My son joined a school, and I took a half day off to visit the school for admission process. He went the first day to school in his school bus alone. Inside I was being hurt, every day, at work, I felt guilty but also did not want to let go of my work.

When I dared to let go

I wanted to be an independent woman, be an income source for our house. I wanted my son to be proud of his mother. Was I wrong? Was I being selfish? As days progressed, I struggled to manage things. Running from dusk to dawn, pillar to pillar, only made me fume and cranky to wits. I was losing it and to top it the guilt was killing me every single day.

My son moved to Grade 1 in 2015, and as usual, like every day, I sat down to do make him do his homework. As I was going through his daily diary, I was surprised by a note by his class teacher.

Dear Mam,

Your ward’s handwriting needs work and he is not good at reading. Request you to take care and let us know if you need any help.


Class teacher.

I was heartbroken and was trembling, and I asked myself, Is it because of me? Did I give life to this child for this? to suffer because his mother could not make time for him? Was it fair on him? He remained in daycare all day because his mother or father could not be with him. He would ask me – mamma, why don’t you stay at home like others do? I miss you. Why don’t you come and pick me up at the bus stop? Why don’t you come early? What could I answer?

I think it was that day When I dared to let go. I had decided that my son needed my time and my ambitions could wait, while I undo whatever I could.

When I dared to let go

When I dared to let go

My second child, a daughter was born in September 2015. As she grew, I was there to witness and capture her every milestone. When I dared to let go that is when I realized that the little things are actually the BIG things – Her first words, her first wobbly walk, the screaming and nonending tantrums, – for everything.

I was there – When I dared to let go

I have tried part-time work with some companies meanwhile as I stayed home but left them when I felt my children were not getting enough of me.

Today, my son is in Grade 4, and I have a little one who is starting school next week, and although my elder one is not the best in his class, he is a bright student and I always get complimented for the confident boy he is, because When I dared to let go, I chose life for him.

Is it because I stepped down and took a stand at the right time? Maybe. I get awed by women who are entrepreneurs and can manage everything effortlessly, but probably it is not for me. At least not as of now.

You are enough!

Hats off to you, if you are a woman, who left work because you felt it was right. Believe me, it was right and you should never regret it. Get back to work, when you feel you are ready.

If you are a working woman, you are already a superstar for me. Keep going but don’t let anyone tell you something that you think is not right.

When I dared to let go

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When I dared to let go

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13 thoughts on “When I dared to let go

  1. Can truely relate to the post as a mum and as a perfectionist I just couldn’t let go. And quit my job as Kabbir turned 2 I still trying hard to let go a loads of things but it’s too difficult guess I need to work more on myself

  2. I left my practice as a lawyer after my first baby. I don’t regret it. But returning back to work after a long break is still difficult in India.

  3. Being a working mom myself, i salute you for the courage you have shown of letting go off your dreams and building new ones around your children. I have these thoughts daily, but am unable to stand up to those!!
    KUDOS to you!

  4. Kidos to you dear!!! I can totally understnd what it is to leave ur dreams….but only to let ur kids dream and fly high

  5. A mother’s heart is full of guilt for whatever choice she makes. Its wonderful to read your personal account and glad that you are happy.

  6. Leaving behind long term dreams and weaving new dreams with children is huge task. Job is a part of life and mother should not be guilt for working or not working. Kudos to you Princy for daring to quit your job. You are a supermom!

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