Mothersparsh baby wipes

When you think about baby wipes what does instantly come to your mind? I think soft, supple, rash free, fragrance-free products. What about you? Did you know that baby wipes that you use for your baby probably has plastic in it as many wipes have polyester in them? In this post, I will be talking about Mothersparsh baby wipes which are not only eco-friendly and are 98% water.

Mothersparsh baby wipes

What if I told you wet wipes are the 3rd highest user item in landfills and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste? Staggering numbers? I was horrified and had goosebumps just imagine how much we unknowingly hurt our planet!  As a mom, my worries never end, and wiping my child with something which has plastic in it is not what I or you would like to do. 

My experience with Rashes

Newborns are prone to rashes. Their skin is so delicate, that even new clothes create a rash. I personally experienced this first hand. My daughter who looked like a doll when she was born, got a severe case of skin allergy about 1 week after her birth. I had no idea, what was happening. Her small, beautiful face and body were filled with red ugly spots and every time I held her they felt so harsh to touch. I could not imagine the agony she must have been and to think of it, these little humans can only cry. 

Causes of rashes in newborns?

A rash is a reaction of the skin. It can be caused by many things, probably by contact with a skin irritant, a medication reaction, a virus, or an allergic reaction. Many various agents can cause like-appearing rashes because the skin has a limited number of possible responses.

The most common newborn rashes are 

> Erythema toxicum – Characterised as blotchy red skin

> Milia – little white spots (caused by blocked pores)

> Baby acne

> Heat rash

> Eczema 

> Diaper Rash

More about the brand – Mothersparsh

With a newborn baby, cleanliness is one of the topmost concerns that everyone has. They are so fragile since their immune system is still under developing stage.  Newborns, toddlers, need constant cleaning; since they have a habit of touching everything. Mothersparsh is the Safe, Effective and Ayurvedic approach to this concern. 

More about the brand –

-> IBB Awards promising baby care brand

-> Mothersparsh claims to have 100% biodegradable wipes, which makes it not only best for babies but also for mother earth. 

Why should you choose Mothersparsh baby wipes?

Mother Sparsh baby wipes are 98% water. These Wipes are Mom & Baby friendly and they are the purest wipes for baby care and allows comfort to parents when babies get messy. 

– > Mothersparsh baby wipes are Natural Care as they contain Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E which makes it perfect for baby’s skin.

– > Alcohol & Paraben free

-> PH balanced and Hypo-allergenic.

-> Approved Ayurvedic baby care products

-> One hundred percent Ayurvedic Herbs used in Mother Sparsh baby wipes

-> 100% Biodegradable wipes

-> Clinically proven for preventing rashes and Dermatologically tested

-> Non-Sticky with a pleasant fragrance Mother Sparsh baby wipes

How to care for your baby rashes?

-> Wash your hands regularly and keep them sanitized

-> Use soft clothes for babies when they are born

-> Keep them clean after every spit up, vomit, burp. Use pure Mother Sparsh baby wipes

-> Give some diaper free time every time after the diaper change

-> Keep your baby body moisturized.

From where can you get them?

Easily available on all leading online stores. One pack of 80 wipes is only 136/-

So what are you waiting for, try them and let me know how was your experience?

Thank you for reading and knowing more about Mother Sparsh baby wipes

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16 thoughts on “Mothersparsh baby wipes

  1. Hey that was informative. I did not know about the baby wipes being the biggest contributor in land fills. I have notused these wipes till date but would definately give it a try in near future.

  2. This is quite informative. I wasn’t even aware of this brand. Though I don’t need it anymore, I will surely pass this knowledge to those who use wipes…

  3. How i wish i knew it before.i used cotton and water because of the same reasons general wipes does.
    But carrying it was tough.still i will buy it because i still need it while going out.
    Nice info.

  4. I was not aware of the presence of polyester and plastic in baby wipes. Thankfully Mother Sparsh took the matter in their hands and came up with these natural wipes. Thanks for sharing this review, it was very helpful.

  5. I use wipes to clean up my son’s face and hands when we are on the go. I try to go for fragrance-free gentle option but I have seen my friend not using gentle ones without realising. Her daughter often gets rashes and all. I will recommend these wipes to her and would also pick a pack myself for my son.

  6. Babies skin is very delicate and hence we need the gentlest things for them! Mother sparsh wipes are really gentle and rash free… And are based on water! That’s the best thing about them!

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