Hygiene During Monsoons

Most of us all love a heavy downpour. It is a welcome change from the sweltering heat and relentless summers. The light breeze and dark clouds not just cool the air but also changes our mood. Unfortunately, many times, it also brings hassles & health problems along with it. Hygiene During Monsoons is essential as many of us especially kids are prone to fall sick during this time. 

Hygiene During Monsoons

Children love monsoons. This season allows you to feel wonderful moments like playing in the rain, the fragrance of the wet soil, watery sky and dancing in the rain. During Monsoons, we have to take extra precautions to stay safe and healthy. 


Common infections like Flu and skin infections are more widespread during monsoons?

Germs sustain in damp weather more and there is much more moisture in the air during monsoons, which allows germs to multiply. It is important to understand how infections are spread during this season and maintain Hygiene During Monsoons.

> When dirty water mixes with clean water, it gives rise to bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are of varied types. It affects skin, chest or eye. 

> Stagnant water during monsoons is an ideal situation for germs to grow and breed

> Water splashes may cause skin irritations 

Maintaining Hygiene During Monsoons for your child 

¢ Avoid street food or eating outside. Prefer fresh home-cooked meals. By having a healthy diet your body will be provided with a balanced diet that makes your body strong to fight against infections. Eat more green vegetables, fruits, and sprouts. 

¢ Use a good mosquito repellent at home. The mosquito bites which are caused in the early morning are more dangerous. 

¢ Avoid jumping and playing in and around rainy water, as this can cause fungal infections.

¢ Drink purified water – Monsoon is the time when your children are more exposed to waterborne infections and the risk of drinking contaminated water is very high and hence it is important to follow this to maintain Hygiene During Monsoons.

Hygiene During Monsoons

¢ Keep children clean – Although this need not be said, but it is important to keep children clean always. Handwashing, bathing with soap and clean water is the best way to protect you and your family from cold, cough, eye and stomach infections. Keep their nails trimmed and always dry hands. 

Add a Disinfectant to your child’s bath water

¢ Keep your home clean – Use a good floor cleaner to ensure that the floors are mopped daily. Also, there should not be any water clogged in or around your house. 

¢ Keep your child hydrated – The monsoons may come with cool weather, but that should not decrease the intake of liquids. Cook warm soups and broths and keep intaking enough water.

¢ Take Vitamin C rich food to increase your immunity levels. Items like amla, bitter gourd, ridge gourd are excellent for strengthening immunity and combating infections.

¢ Stay Active – Maintaining a fit body is also a part of Hygiene During Monsoons. Children need at least 1-2 hours of outdoor activity to maintain their fitness and immunity

¢ Turmeric is excellent. You can make turmeric milk and it can easily be a regular part of your monsoon diet of your child every day.

¢ Avoid sneezing or coughing into your hands, always keep a handkerchief handy.

¢ Use a hand sanitizer whenever possible

Enjoy Monsoons to the fullest and maintain Hygiene During Monsoons

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32 thoughts on “Hygiene During Monsoons

  1. high rainfall or not, monsoons bring in health issues for everyone. it is only wise to keep a check on your everyday hygeine habits to keep your family healthy.

  2. love the way you start the post. great tips on monsoon, I will follow and even keep my family safe from diseases and germs

  3. Informative post ! Monsoon brings joy but at the time we need to maintain proper hygiene. I’ll definitely give this product a shot.

  4. I loved the part that germs sustain in the damp weather and kids attract the mosquitoes as they love to play in muddy playgrounds and all. Nicely written post almost all points covered.

  5. Amazing monsoons tips to be healthy and Safe. Tea is so refreshing and warming in the monsoons. Proper care and prevention is necessary for the monsoons. Great thoughts.

  6. Kids are especially prone to infections in monsoons. I believe in letting them play as they want and making sure their immunity takes care of their health. Turmeric milk and grreen leafy vegetables are regulars at my place.

  7. Monsoons bring in so many infections and diseases… Sanitizers come really handy! Loved your idea of haldi doodh! Reminded me of my grandmother! ❤

  8. Washing hands often specially after using toilets, coming from outside and before eating food is essential in our home. I also carry sanitizer in my bag so I can use it when I’m at public places including public transport. Adding disinfectant to child’s bath is such a good idea too. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  9. You have shared such useful tips for monsoon, we all should take care of few things during monsoon to keep us away from any infections ,fever or cold. Thanks for sharing

  10. Monsoon’s are amazing but I would say they bring along a bucket full of diseases and hygiene is so important then. I too add few drops of disinfectant in water for bathing, rinsing and at times even mopping. These wellness tea infusions sounds great. Will try it

  11. Hygiene is imp during monsoon and we all have to maintain it. You have shared the good tips. I am a tea lover also and green tea is good for our health

  12. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips to maintain hygiene during monsoons. We love rain and getting wet in rain is unavoidable for us. Will surely follow these tips.

  13. You know what these are precautions to be taken care by adults too and yes I too love flavors of te- a-me perfect for monsoons

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