Reasons for Your Child’s Nose Blockage

Nasal congestion is very common in babies and children. A blocked nose is usually nothing to be worried about, but it may be uncomfortable for kids, especially if they are very young. When you get a nasal congestion, the mucus that lines the nasal passages becomes swollen. Due to the inflammation, mucus secretion becomes sticky and production is enlarged, causing obstruction. Read about Happy nose, Happy mom here. 

Babies, from 0-1 year of age are obligatory nose breathers, and hence, when they experience nasal congestion, it is quite challenging and uncomfortable for them. While adults or older children can blow their nose and get some temporary relief, babies and some toddlers are still to master the skill.

Some of the reasons for a blocked nose are –

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Snoring
  • Sinuses and or adenoids
  • Common cold
  • Deviated nasal septum

 Long-term effects of Nasal Congestion

In most cases, the congestion is momentary and curable with home remedies that help ensure your child is his normal-self until the cause of the sign is removed. Long-term congestion, however, is a more serious problem.

Nasal congestion can impact a child’s health in the long term. Some of the long-term effects are:

  • Quality of sleep
  • Facial development
  • Can affect hearing
  • Loss of Appetite

Nasal congestion in Newborns and 0-1-Year-Olds

A baby in the womb is surrounded by fluid, and so when a baby is born, it seems like they have a stuffy nose. They may sneeze quite often, as they try to get rid of this surplus fluid in their nasal passages. If babies have a stuffy nose, it makes it harder for them to breastfeed among many other difficulties.

Signs of Nasal Congestion in 0-1-Year-Olds:

  • Nasal discharge
  • Noisy nasal breathing
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty feeding
  • Crying or becoming agitated

 Nasal congestion in 1-6-Year-Olds

  • Greater comfort when sitting upright
  • Snoring
  • Snorting
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Noisy nasal breathing
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Possibility of fever

 Home Remedies for a Nose Blockage

  • Drink liquids- A blocked nose can cause a dehydrated mouth and body. Ensure enough liquids are taken so that the body receives plenty of lipids. Children can have warm soups, herbal teas with light strength or warm water. Continuing satisfactory hydration may aid in thinning out the mucus in the nose and help it to flow better.
  • Steam Inhalation- Steam inhalation is an alternative popular home remedy for immediate relief from nasal congestion. It works as a natural medicine to clear the congestion and also greases the exasperated respiratory Adding eucalyptus essential oil to the steamer is highly beneficial as well.
  • Humidifier – A humidifier can be supportive because the mist can relax any congestion and aid your child to breathe better.
  • Let the child rest – Children need at least 8 to 12 hours of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep can help recover with nasal congestion.
  • Nasal decongestant – A Nasal spray such as NASIVION® – SALINE NASAL SOLUTION is a safe solution for dry stuffy noses of your little ones. It’s an isotonic saline solution that provides a natural way to soothe dryness. It can also help to improve nasal hygiene.
  • Please make sure you consult your doctor/pediatrician before using the product.

Nasivion to the Rescue –

For babies who are 0-12-month-old, Nasivion® 0.01% Nose Drops is a very effective nasal care for a blocked nose.

Nasivion® 0.01% Nose Drops for infants has shown immense proven results such as –

– 97 % improvement in nasal breathing

– 92 % improvement in rhinitis symptoms

– 90 % improvement against sleeping difficulties

– 91 % improvement in feeding difficulties

How to Use –

Up to the age of 4 weeks, instill 1 drop of the solution into each nostril 2-3 times per day. From the 5th week of life until the age of 1 year, instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.

Helping your child breathe better

NASIVION® PEDIATRIC (CHILD) NOSE DROPS 0.025% is for children aged between 1 to 6 years only. It unblocks the nose to help your little one play and learn comfortably. Its active ingredient Oxymetazoline is well tolerable on the nose and provides up to 12 hours of easier breathing.

How to Use – Instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician. Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride containing nasal drops should not be used for longer than 10 consecutive days. A treatment-free period of several days should precede any repeated use.

Read more about NASIVION® products for babies and kids at

Buy appropriate age-based products at Nasivion

Sleep Position for blocked child nose

– Spray a little saline drops up baby’s nose at bedtime to loosen mucus, and then suck it out with a nasal aspirator.

– Elevate your baby’s head, which can minimize the discomfort of a stuffy nose.

Thank you for reading and knowing more about Reasons for Your Child’s Nose Blockage

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