Special Bond of Love

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated across India with full fervor and enthusiasm. It is traditionally a Hindu festival, but Sikhs also join in to celebrate this special bond of love between a brother and a sister. It also gives a special reason for the family to come together and celebrate this festival with love and respect for one another. No matter the distance between a brother and a sister, this special bond of love truly needs to be celebrated.

Raksha Bandhan – A Joyous Occasion to celebrate the

bond of love of a brother and sister

Special Bond of Love

Since I have always lived in a nuclear family, festivals like these, make me crave big family gathering and celebration. Although it is not possible every time, I try to instill as much tradition I can into my children, whenever possible. Children are very intelligent and can understand the things and the concept behind these, and so I try to tell them stories, mythology or the belief that come with each festival and celebration

In this post, I am going to share some fun activities that you can indulge with your little one, while you celebrate this Special Bond of Love.

Raksha Bandhan – Special Bond of Love

Tell the story behind Rakhi

Children love a good story and storytelling. On this day, you can cite some popular Raksha Bandhan stories to make the children understand the festival.

Stories of  Draupadi and Krishna, Yama and the Yamuna, Lord Bali and Goddess Laxmi and many more would not only be interesting and educative but also bring about an interest about how this festival came into being and the reason this Special Bond of Love is celebrated. 

A day of celebration, a bond of a lifetime!

Encourage Kids to make rakhi at home

Anything that children make from their own hands, is always special and so on this special day, encourage them to make their own rakhis to tie on their brother’s wrist. Here is a simple YouTube video I found that children can follow. All the popular stationery stores across India have craft items easily available.

It is highly recommended that you stay with your child if he is younger while working with craft objects.

Engage children in making sweets

Cooking is a life skill and involving your children while you dish out sweets for Special Bond of Love will be amazing. Involve them, while you prepare a list of things and take them along for shopping. Once home, make a list of things that need to be done and according to the age of your children, let them help and assist you. Cooking with children is a wonderful way to include kids, especially if your child is a fussy eater. 

Ask them to write a thank you note to their sibling

Having a grateful heart is not only a wonderful way of living one’s life but also helps children to put their sentiments on to a paper. A brother-sister relationship is a Special Bond of Love, but by putting it in words will teach children to appreciate the relationship as well.

Help your children to write this if they are young and do not know what to write. You can pitch in and remind them of past memories where they were helped by their sibling. 

Encourage children to save money

Image Source – https://www.caminofcu.org

It is never early to begin educating your children the value of saving money. Raksha Bandhan can be a perfect start when brother and sister can save for each other and buy a gift to celebrate this Special Bond of Love. My 7-year-old saved money to gift his sister a toy car.

What touched my heart was that he gave up on his junk days, just so that he could gift his sister something special on their first Raksha Bandhan. 

Image Source – http://digitalmruvie.blogspot.com

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23 thoughts on “Special Bond of Love

  1. It was the first rakhi for my younger one.. she tied rakhi to her didi. This was the first time.. my elder one tied a rakhi on my hand out of love.. that was another first. lots of first this year on rakhi.. its going to be a memorable day in my life

  2. Nice post , agree with you we should encourage our kids to save money as well as learn some cooking as both of this would help them in future.

  3. Haha, I found it funny when you mentioned that you live in a nuclear family. And I like the idea of activities and every single activity is a must. Children should know the story behind rakshabandhan. I simply love the idea of engaging them Rakhi making and sweet making activities and thank you note for your siblings.

  4. What makes any festival special is when we add our special touch to it. Out of many Rakhi available in the market, the one we create at our homes with our kids is the most beautiful one.

  5. Rakhi making at home is indeed a great idea! It keeps kids engaged and develops more live for the festival in them!

  6. That was a wonderful post I love how you Inc children’s activities for this festival and made it more interesting and fun for them .

  7. Though Raksha Bandhan is celebrated not many realize the significance of this special bond. It’s good to read about how you can make it more special.

  8. We used to have a rakhi making competition in school and I would often win. It was the festival I used to look fwd to because I always wanted a baby brother and for whom I would visit temple every Monday asking Lord Shiva to give me a boon. Soon my brother came and that’s a spl bond i share with my sibling

  9. This is such a beautiful post celebrating the bond of love between brother and sister. We live away from family and miss them the most on such occasions. Great post!

  10. It’s really a lovely post, specially for kids , I am definitely gonna saw this to my daughter and ask her to make something sweet for her brother , and my son to make a note card for his sister

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