Best Baby Water Based Wipes

Hey all! I have been discussing Mothersparsh Baby Water Based Wipes in my previous blogs and the reason for it is pretty simple. They are the Best Baby Water Based Wipes that are available and I’ll be discussing more the same. If you have a baby or a running toddler in your house you will agree, that you constantly need to wipe them clean.

I have personally used 4-5 types of wipes brands for my daughter and found Mothersparsh Best Baby Water Based Wipes to be the most gentle on my daughter’s skin. It did not cause any rashes, redness or skin reactions. 

Best Baby Water Based Wipes 

Mothersparsh – As Good As Cotton & Water

As a mother or a caregiver, we all want the very best for the children we are caring for. So, how do we ensure that the baby wipes that we are using our gentle and safe for our children?

Choose Wipes that are As Good As Cotton & Water – Choose MotherSparsh

  • Parabens and Alcohol-Free Wipes
  • Hypoallergenic and pH Balanced Wipes
  • Polyester Free Baby Wipes
  • Biodegradable Wipes
  • Skin Friendly Natural Fabric wipes
  • Clinically proven water-based wipes
  • Prevents from Diaper Rashes Wipes
  • Alcohol-Free Baby Wipes
  • 100% Viscose Fabric.
  • Natural care with aloe-vera and vitamin E, pH balanced, extra moisture


How do you ensure that Mother sparsh is really the Best Baby Water Based Wipes?

Flame Test 

A flame test can help you differentiate the major difference between ordinary wipes vs mother sparsh baby wipes!

This Flame Test is done to distinguish between Mother Sparsh wet wipes with other ordinary brands. In the test, Mother Sparsh wipes burns without any odor and leave no residue whereas the ordinary wipe leaves a residual and smell along with a sticky substance that matches melted plastic. This test undoubtedly proves that the ordinary wipes are harmful and Mother Sparsh wipes are 100% safe.

Method – 

> Hold Mother Sparsh baby wipes over the flame.

> You will see that it does not catch fire very easily without any fumes or any plastic smell. The debris is just like that of paper and turns to smoke immediately.

The gentlest, purest baby wipes with 98% water


Mother Sparsh baby wipes are lightly formed and the material used is notably soft. They are clinically certified for being a “preventive rash product”.

Most of us use baby wipes to clean the baby’s bottom and hence it’s necessary that we use Skin Friendly Natural Fabric wipes that do not cause any rashes to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Check the below youtube video to know more about the flame test –

As a mother, I am extremely satisfied and happy that a brand like Mother Sparsh came up with an answer to real, biodegradable, water-based Best Baby Water Based Wipes. 

Achievements by Mother Sparsh –

  1. 100000 satisfied mothers
  2. IBB Awards Promising Baby care brand
  3. 100% biodegradable wipes
  4. Clinically proven for preventing rashes
  5. Dermatologically tested

Choose the best, Choose Mother Sparsh Best Baby Water Based Wipes Amazon  also, you can check Mother Sparsh website 


Thank you for reading and knowing more about Best Baby Water Based Wipes

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8 thoughts on “Best Baby Water Based Wipes

  1. I have used the mother’s sparsh baby wipes and I loved them. They are so gentle and good for our skin. I always use it as a makeup remover ????

  2. Choosing the safest and best wipe for baby’s delicate skin is very important… Mother sparsh baby wipes look really promising ?

  3. I have finally tried these wipes earlier this month and my son’s skin was absolutely fine afterwards. I do love the quality and ingredient. 98% water makes all the difference.

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