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Hey all! Today’s post talks about the menstrual cup and the brand Nari Yari Menstrual Cup. If you are here, looking for information on any of the above, you are in the right place. I cupverted ( switched from sanitary pads to menstrual cups ) about 1.5 years ago and my life since then has completely changed.

My perception of my menstrual cycle has transformed many folds after my switch. I am not just happy with my decision but also extremely satisfied so much so that I have been an ambassador. I feel really passionate about this since I have personally experienced a drastic change in myself. 

I have used Rustic Art menstrual cup earlier but today I am here to share my experience about Nari Yari Menstrual Cup. Read more about my experience and recommendation. 

Did you know it takes around 500 to 800 years 

for a sanitary napkin to disintegrate?

Why should you switch to a menstrual cup?

Nari Yari Menstrual Cup


Did you know 91% of women who used a Menstrual Cup recommended it to a friend? Now, you will not find a similar passion in someone who has used a tampon or a pad. 

  1. You do your bit of saving the planet by NOT sending a pad to a landfill or flushing a tampon down the flush
  2. Cost effective – One cup costs about Rs-800-1000/- and sustains for about 10-15 years if used properly.
  3. Reusable. Use the same cup for every month, It just needs to be sterilized. 
  4. You can indulge in activities like swimming or have a gala day at a water park or take part in any kind of sport
  5. Travel with a free mind. No need to stress about unclean washroom. One cup can stay inside the body for up to 12 hours. 
  6. Once you get used to the process, you will find a level of comfort that you were NEVER able to experience earlier with a tampon or a pad.
  7. Does not cause TSS ( Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  8. Natural and comfortable
  9. Free of plastics, dye or BPA

Nari Yari Menstrual Cup

Nari Yari Menstrual Cup is an Indian built Menstrual Cup, made from Platinum cured medical grade silicone Rubber. It comes in 3 sizes (Regular, Soft, Hard)

> Soft Cup: recommended for first-time users and unmarried women. ( capacity 23 ml, Rim diameter 46 mm and
length  56 mm )

> Regular Cup: for married women with a regular lifestyle. ( capacity 23 ml, Rim diameter 46 mm and length  56 mm )

> Hard Cup: Recommended for Married women with women with a very active lifestyle (capacity 23 ml, Rim diameter 46 mm and length  56 mm )

Each Nari Yari Menstrual Cup has come with a capacity of 23mm up to the air holes and 30mm up to the rim.

About the brand Nari Yari Menstrual Cup

As per A.C Neilson survey, India has 35 Crore menstruating women. On an average, a menstruating girl or a woman uses 10 to 12 pads in her cycle, which totals up to about 4200 pads in her menstruating life of 35 years.

In India, small and backward villages because of lack of education and prohibitive costs, women do not have access to basic menstrual hygiene products.

Nari Yari Menstrual Cup is an ISO 9001: 2015 company and has been ISO compliant for over 12 years.

Nari Yari menstrual cup is an environmentally friendly, economical choice which is manufactured in the city of Bangalore, India using medical grade platinum cured silicone.

Clanpedia Review of Nari Yari Menstrual Cup

I initially got a ‘hard’ Nari Yari Menstrual Cup. This cup did not suit me, as it kept leaking and was extremely uncomfortable. I tried multiple folds and techniques, but nothing seemed to work and this lead to extreme disappointment. After this, I switched to ‘Medium’ Nari Yari Menstrual Cup and it was a game changer. It was smooth and fit perfectly. There were no leakage issues It is extremely comfortable, that I almost forgot about my menstrual cycles! Plus, there is no menstrual pain !!! Yippeee!

The design of the Nari Yari Menstrual Cup is comfortable as it is user-friendly and very comfortable. The cup has a unique design – it is a rimless design, with a small knob and a tapered bottom. This design ensures easy and painless removal and insertion, making your menstrual cycle a breeze.  

Check answers to often asked questions HERE

If this post was not able to convince you to switch to a menstrual cup, then read Menstrual Cup, break the taboo

To get your Nari Yari Menstrual Cup, visit them on their Facebook page at – nariyariindia OR visit their website at Nari Yari.

Nari Yari Menstrual Cup

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  1. I just completed my cycle and was planning to get myself one for next. You wont believe that I was googling about the brands available and sizes since yesterday and this came right in time. Thanks for sharing. will check this brand

  2. A very useful review indeed….In this age of sudden eco consciousness,I guess the talk about menstrual cups has come at the right time….Not to mention much reduced hassle and chances of getting infection with the regular/conventional menstrual hygiene methods….good job Harmeet!!

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