Newborn Hearing Test

You must have heard this quote – A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. As a new parent, if you are worried about your newborn’s health, you are absolutely normal and right to do so.

As soon as your baby is welcomed into this world, he is given shots of BCG and Vitamin K, he is tested on AGPAR. Also, a Newborn Hearing Test is done for your baby. Unfortunately, In India, many babies never get a hearing test done at the birth! Read more about the newborn hearing test and its importance in the below post. 

Newborn Hearing Test

Why is a newborn hearing test important?

Did you know 7 out of 10 babies that are born do not get a hearing test?

A newborn hearing test detects if your baby can hear appropriately. In their first months of birth, babies grow at an exponential rate and everything they learn is by hearing or observing things around them.

If the hearing loss is not detected at an early stage, the child may experience problems with speech and language development as they grow. 

Loss of hearing is the most widespread deficiency of all the sensory organs. Hearing impairment can cause a tremendous influence on a child as he grows. His social, educational and economic well-being is also affected in multiple ways. 

Unfortunately, hearing loss does not come with any visual signs. Most hearing-impaired kids who are not tested at birth are not recognized until between 1.5 years to 3 years of developmental age, which is beyond the critical point for normal communication and language development.

The quicker this issue is diagnosed and an intervention is made, the greater are the baby’s chances of preventing further hearing loss.

Did you know out of every 1000 infants that are born in India 4 infants have difficulty in hearing?

How is a newborn hearing test done?

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS), is a medical procedure for early detection of the congenital hearing loss in newborn babies.

What happens when a baby does not pass the newborn hearing test?

This may sound scary, but because of fluid in a newborn’s ears, many babies are not able to pass the test. This necessarily does not mean that your baby has a hearing problem. It is also extremely important to understand that a thorough test is done again to rule out any deficiency and correct process is followed. 

If your baby is detected with a hearing loss, early intervention should start as soon as possible. Early intervention basically is a set of programs or services that are accessible to babies and families to help them cope with hearing problems.

Did you know Kerala is the first state in the county to provide hearing screening for children?

How can a cochlear implant help if your baby does not pass the Newborn Hearing Test?

A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that does the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain. 

Who can make use of a cochlear implant?

1) have mild to a serious hearing loss in both ears
2) experience small or no extra help from hearing aids
3) score 50% or less on recognition tests done by hearing professionals
4) score 60% or less on recognition tests done by hearing professionals in the non-implanted ear or in both ears with hearing aids.

Benefits of a Cochlear Implant 

1) The hearing is better with a cochlear implant as compared to a hearing aid
2) Can focus better when in loud surroundings.
3) Find it comfortable to have talks with people in meetings, malls, fairs, and other crowded places.
4) They can hear alarms, people calling out and approaching vehicles., the world becomes a much safer place for them.
5) Can talk and hear on the phone.
6) Enjoy the music.

Brett Lee and his association with Cochlear Implants 

Brett Lee is the first global hearing ambassador. He spearheads a ‘Sounds of Cricket’ crusade to increase knowledge and provide information about the impact of hearing loss that an individual and his family suffer. the Impact is significant as it affects the individual medically, socially and economically. Also, he focuses his attention on Newborn Hearing Test which should be made mandatory in all the birthing centers across India. He has been instrumental in delivering his message, as he travels across the world and meeting cochlear implant patients. 

The stigma associated with hear the loss in India

Any deficiency or disability creates a stigma around the child. It can be anything from admitting there is a problem, seeking help, ultimately accepting the treatment a much more difficult process. It is necessary for an audiologist to understand this stigma. The patient gets affected by it.

A child with hearing loss who is empowered can live a comfortable life, with early intervention, treatment, therapies, and a supportive family, it does not have to be a stigma. We all want healthy children, and finding out your child has a hearing loss, maybe a setback, which is only temporary.

Parents should look at the situation from a positive outlook, knowing that they were able to detect and the problem diagnosed early and now they can work toward giving their child the best life possible.

Thank you for reading and knowing more about Newborn Hearing Test

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  1. Hey….I know a case where this has happened and the parents realized it very late. So now the kid has to use hearing aid for the entire life…awareness is much needed….

  2. This is a really informative and helpful post dear. I never knew there was a hearing test that’s done at the time of birth. Our doctor never mentioned it. It’s important parents acquire such knowledge and stay aware even if there’s no one to tell such details.

  3. People are so unaware about this that parents may even take offense if anyone advices them! Spreading awareness about this is really important! This is a great initiative!

  4. Having a pediatrician in the family, I hear such scary statistics every other day. This kind of information needs to reach more people.

  5. One of my friend kid has a hearing problem and these seem the solution to her problem. I feel very pity when I saw her and parents does not discover it soon enough to cure it.

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