Healthy Heart for your children

As parents, we constantly worry about our children and their well-being. Right from their diet, co-curricular activities, the school, their studies, who they are friends with and much more but when was the last time who thought about their heart? Healthy Heart for your children begins right from the time your child is born. Read on to know more about how you can give to Healthy Heart for your children.

Healthy Heart for your children

Begin Right –

  1. Breastfeeding is the perfect way to start your newborn’s life. If for any reason, you are unable to do so, use donor milk or you can even express. Breastfeeding is best for your little one’s growth and development – mentally and physically and to have Healthy Heart for your children.
  2. Start Solids only after 180 days of birth or completion of 6 months of your baby. Prefer to introduce mashed vegetables first, not fruits. Why? Fruits are naturally sweet, and it is easy for babies to get influenced with a sweet rather than tasting a vegetable which may be bitter comparatively.
  3. Do not offer any sugar, salt or honey till the time your child turns 1-year-old. These are taste enhancers and adding these masks the real taste of the vegetable or fruit. Also, they are not good for their heart.
  4. Eat what you give to your child to build a happy and smooth relationship with food.

How to take care of Healthy Heart for your children

Exercise –

Children should spend their time playing outside, instead of wasting their time on a laptop, TV or playing a video game. It is recommended that every child spends at least 30 minutes to 1 hour playing outside. It can be any sport, cycling, badminton – just anything that keeps them active.  

Physical activity is essential to burn calories, tone the muscles and keep their weight under control. If children cannot get 1 hour at a stretch then try to give a break of 10-15 minutes thrice a day. 

Low Sugar and Sodium – 

Any food that is high in sugar or sodium (salt) is not good for your child’s health. Why? Excess consumption is unhealthy and can cause difficulties such as weakened kidney function, tooth decay, lowered immunity, dehydration, may cause kidney stones, weak bones, lethargy and many more. 

Water Intake 

Advocate and urge your children to drink normal water compared to fizzy drinks or juices. 

Fruit juice, which comprises of Vitamin C, is often regarded as a healthy choice of drink by parents and children. However, what you must understand is fruit juice is also high in sugar and calories which your child DOES not need. Instead, choose a whole fruit – it is wholesome and filling compared to juice. 

 The recommended daily amount of fluids is:

  • 1 liter for 5 to 8-year-olds
  • 1.5 liters for 9 12-year-old
  • 2 liters for 13+ years 

Healthy Heart for your children

A healthy nutritious diet

  • Eat lots of vegetables and whole fruits – the measure does not matter. 
  • Chose whole grains such as – brown rice, oats, whole wheat, millets etc

  • snack on nuts such as walnuts, almonds, ground nuts when hunger pang hits
  • Choose foods that are low in sodium and sugar
  • Cook food in healthy oils such as ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil etc

Do not over-feed your child

Calculated calories required by children vary from 900/day for a 1-year-old to 1,800 for a 14–18-year-old girl and 2,200 for a 14–18-year-old boy. As a parent, you must know that this eating guide promotes a child’s normal growth and improvement. It provides enough total energy and meets the suggested daily need for all nutrients for kids and youngsters, including iron and calcium.

Lead by example

Please do not expect your child to eat healthy, just because you want them to eat healthy. If you want your child to eat spinach, model the behavior. Be excited and joyous when you talk about food. When your children see you enjoying your food, they will do so too. Meal times will be less of tug of war and more smooth, happy times

Don’t fuss over measure

Children by default know their hunger and know how much to eat and when. Parents often stop offering vegetables to their children as sometimes children leave these on the plate. Continue to offer textures, colors, and tastes. A child may take 10-15 tries before even tasting a vegetable. 

Encourage and Advocate healthy living –

Advocate healthy living for your children right from the beginning by choosing healthy nutritious options. Always insist on healthy snacks and educate your children why junk is not good. Once in a while junk is OK but it cannot / should not be made a regular option for children. 

Choose to cook fresh home meals and not ordering from outside or getting excited about regularly eating from outside. Cook foods that your children like at home. You can make healthier versions of nuggets, rolls, sandwiches, noodles or pizzas at home itself. 

Remember – healthy is a way of life and every day counts!

“Among the most sacred gifts you can give your child is the gift of health. This gift is best given by example.” 

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31 thoughts on “Healthy Heart for your children

  1. Verry well written infact it s good for the new moms. I ask my kid always to drink water. It’s imp and also I try not to give him street foods. He is turning 5 next month and still doesn’t k ow the taste of cold drink. So following a nutritious diet is really important.

  2. Out of all these factors, playing outside is the most important factor to focus on. Others also contribute directly or indirectly but playing outside is something children are avoiding these days.

  3. Regular physical activity, low Sodium and sugar intake is important for kids… Very helpful tips shared! Forwarding the post to my mom friends!

  4. A healthy art is so important for life and the foundations are laid early on in a child. Inculcating right dietary habits and a lifestyle that incorporates minimal physical activity is so important.

  5. These are such great and important tips you have shared which are definitely going to add real value to all kids heart and their life!!

  6. I have a little one and this post is so apt for her. There are some useful tips which would help me. I have given her to start with fruits more and less vegetables. I need to start veggies.

  7. Indeed Healthy Nutritious diet and water intake in sufficient amount keeps our heart healthy on the go. Yes I’m also not in favour of overfeeding

  8. Amazing and informative post. Mommies should prefer fresh home meals for the kids. Healthy living for kids is very necessary by giving healthy nutritious food. Great thoughts.

  9. This is such a great read. Very informative! Great way to introduce vegetable to kids. I also started my son’s weaning with mashed vegetables. The lifestyle and eating habits are affecting adults and so many people have got heart issues these days. We can prevent our kids from going in that direction.

  10. Ever since I introduced solids my daughter has become a fussy eater I don’t recall when was the last time she had cerelec like any other baby would. But I shall keep these tips in mind.

  11. So many people are suffering from heart issues these days! This is a really good post for preventing our kids from going in that direction! I really loved your idea of introducing mashed veggies first and not fruits!

  12. I Agree with your tips Making my son eat vegetables is so tough. He eats something today and would not eat it next time. But forceful eating or creating a fuss about it doesn’t help.

    1. we are built over a period of time, so it is just about building the right foundation for the kids. with so much of processed food, and no outside play now than ever, I am not sure what kind of future our kids will have if we do not start taking care when they are young.

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