Prevent your baby from diaper rash – India’s 1st water based wipes

Seeing a child suffer from diaper rashes is truly heartbreaking by all means. It is a commonly occurring and many babies go through this phase. A diaper rash is a type of skin rash that appears as a bright red patch on your baby’s bottom. Read this post to know how you can Prevent your baby from diaper rash.

Reasons for Your Child’s Nose Blockage

Diaper rash is commonly caused if the child is left in a wet/soiled diaper/prolonged contact with urine or feces for a long time. Diapers should be changed frequently. Although there are simple tips and tricks to Prevent your baby from diaper rash, the best and simplest one is to keep your baby clean and dry as much as possible. 

Diaper rash also may present itself as blisters, pimples or peeling of the skin

Reasons for Diaper Rash –

Prolonged stay in a diaper that was wet/soiled filled with urine or stool

Tight clothes that rub against the skin and cause redness, irritation or rashes

Sometimes new foods may also cause irritation and increase the frequency of stools, which may, in turn, cause diaper rash

If the weather is hot/humid – it leads to diaper rash. During this kind of weather, bacteria gets a perfect breeding ground to grow and the rash may increase.

If the child is sensitive, he is more likely to develop diaper rashes

Signs of Diaper Rash –

Prevent your baby from diaper rash.

Prevent your baby from diaper rash

Red Skin –

The skin appears as reddish and this usually is found towards the baby’s bottom, genitals or the inside the skin folds

The baby remains fussy –

 You will notice that your baby will remain fussy and cranky most of the times and will cry loudly when you try to wipe his bottom. 

When should you take your baby to a doctor?

You can try home remedies and simple tips to avoid diaper rash. In case if the rash gets bigger, redder, pus-filled or oozes blood, yellow patches or you see open sores, this is a sign that you should visit the doctor at the earliest. 

Prevent your baby from diaper rash

Prevent your baby from diaper rash

Use coconut oil after every wash

Coconut oil is a common practice that’s commonly used to treat skin diseases and sustain good skin health.

Coconut oil may help decrease skin swelling, itching, and sensitivity. It also helps provide a skin barrier, which may additionally protect the skin as it recovers from diaper rash.

Change your baby’s diaper regularly

It is essential that your baby gets a diaper change regularly. Change your baby before he falls asleep for the night and change as soon as the baby wakes up in the morning. The diapers these days come with an 8-9 hour protection and are safe. 

Clean your baby’s bottom 


India’s 1st water-based wipes Brand

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  1. These are some great tips to prevent baby from diaper rash. Coconut Oil always helped my son when he was a baby. Choosing right wipes is also essential. Thanks for sharing xx

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  3. Changing nappy every few hours in the day and first thing in the morning after night time use is a good way to avoid rashes. Coconut oil is one of the best natural ways to assist with rashes. Also using nappy rash creams and ensuring using natural water based will prevent rashes.

  4. Oh yes these are some great points and basically, diaper rash problem simplified for first-time parents. I also go for alcohol free baby wipes cause they don’t make the skin black and irritable.

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  6. Preventing a child from diaper rash is essential. These wipes look so good and gentle on baby’s skin. I will check these out xx

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