Caring for your Newborn

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When I became a mother for the first time I had no idea, what I was doing. The first time I held my boy, I was scared that I would drop him. Caring for your newborn is a skill that comes with time and patience. As a new parent, it is overwhelming as you fight against the sleepless nights, the physical pain of recovery and constant feeding. 

Caring for your Newborn

Caring for your Newborn does not have to be a challenge. Your newborn is very demanding for the first few months as all they want is to eat, poop and sleep. Sometimes, it gets challenging to keep up. I was alone when my second child was born. Although it was never easy – a great support in my husband helped me pull through. 

Although this is not a medical article but chronicles my own personal experiences of becoming a mother 2 times. I hope that this post is helpful. 


Your baby will sleep a lot in his first months. Babies do not have any idea about the morning or night. Many babies sleep for almost 18-20 hours a day, some babies may sleep a little lesser. Although your baby may not sleep through your night till about 1-2 years, a baby can be started to put into a schedule from 3 months of age.

Any habit takes about 3-4 months to be formed with a baby and so patience and consistency are of utmost need. 


Your baby can communicate only through crying and so you should be ready for a lot of crying. For everything and anything – your child WILL cry. Babies may cry because they may be hungry, colicky, wants to be held, is bored, is feeling scared, is under or over stimulated, needs rest or is sleepy, is feeling too hot or cold, needs a nappy / diaper change or may not be feeling well among other reasons. As the baby grows, your child will cry lesser and you will get to know how to calm your baby. 

The below video will show you reasons why your baby cries and caring for your newborn.


WHO recommends breastfeeding for best caring for your newborn. Your baby should be exclusively fed mother’s milk for at least 6 months. If you choose to give formula, make sure that you have discussed the same with your pediatrician or lactation consultant. Mother’s Milk is liquid gold and is known to promote immunity of your child. Also, breastfeeding helps a mother to recover faster postpartum and help you cut pregnancy weight. 

Read more about breastfeeding in my post – Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers


Caring for your newborn begins with bonding. It’s essential that a mother and a baby born but its easier said than done. Sometimes, you will NOT feel the surge of emotions as soon as you deliver. With physical pains and constant crying, its natural. You can bond gentle caressing your baby, singing lightly, gently stroking or cradling.

Skin to Skin contact is pivotal to increase your bond with your baby. Babies love talking and responding back to you. Use expressions, sounds, actions to talk with them. Sing light songs, or keep musical toys to keep them entertained. Reading is also a great way to bond with your baby. 


Since I had a C-section, I chose to make my baby wear diapers right from her day 1, ensuring that she was diaper free time to time. Caring for your newborn becomes much more manageable with a baby in diapers.

A diaper can keep your baby dry anywhere from 5-8 hours depending on how much have they peed. Keep checking to make sure that the diaper does not get heavy or is not tight from around their waist. Change your baby, as soon as he poops. I used coconut oil to keep my baby diaper rash free

Skin Dryness

Since your newborn’s skin is still developing, it is prone to dryness, itchiness, rashes and more. Research has proven that at least 50% of newborns contract skin issues. 

Your baby’s skin loses water 5 times faster than an adult and hence choosing a lotion is essential. A baby lotion acts as a skin barrier and provides nourishment and hydration. Johnson’s baby lotion ensures that your baby’s skin retains the moisturizer and helps relieve your baby of any dry skin issues. The regular use of lotion has proven that a baby’s skin looks smoother, feels smoother, softer and decreased dryness. Johnson’s lotion has also proven to cut skin roughness and skin flaking.

I prefer Johnson’s range for caring for your newborn. You can buy the same from here – Amazon

Although this is just the basic list of Caring for your Newborn, there is a lot more than you will learn as you grow through your parenting journey. Remember, both you and your baby will grow together and understand each other. 

Newborn Care Week is celebrated every year in the country from 15 to 21 November.


Thank you for reading and knowing more about Caring for your Newborn

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25 thoughts on “Caring for your Newborn

  1. This is a wonderful post especially for first time parents. I wrote a similar article last year on my blog sharing my own experience of handling a newborn. 🙂

  2. New born care is not an easy job, it needs care, love – a mother can only give that but for my son’s time – it was my mom who took all his care and still now she is doing the same.

  3. What a beautiful post dear. I am a mum too and this post reminded me of the initial few months when my son was little. It takes patience and every mum learns on their own. Everyone’s journey is unique and it’s good to share experiences to help fellow mums.

  4. These are some great tips that you have shared your for a newbie mother. When I became a mother I was absolutely clueless and would blindly follow whatever my elders told me to.

  5. Caring for new born is not an easy task as understanding their need being a first time mom is not easy. These tips like breastfeeding, sleeping habits clears many doubts

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