#FirstTimeMom is a special feeling

The first time a woman finds out that she is expecting – the feeling is beyond words. I remember when I broke the news of the pregnancy to my husband, all he could do was laugh, while I just cried. He Laughed because he could not believe it was really happening, while I could not hold the happiness! #FirstTimeMom is a special feeling

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Like many #FirstTimeMom, I was excited, but nervous and had no idea about what’s to be done. So, like many confused new pregnant women, I went and met a gynecologist and started following her instructions. 

#FirstTimeMom is a special feeling

We went for my first ultrasound at week 6. I clearly remember that first moment, when my baby’s first image came on the screen and I heard the heartbeat. The heart was racing at 145 beats per minute! All I could do was sob… sob a lot. I felt my heart swell with love. Love for someone I had never met, excitement to meet the one and at that moment, I guess I had transformed. From just a woman – to a mother – just like that. 

From that moment, all I could think of us, would it be a boy or a girl? How would he/she look? What would happen when I will finally meet my baby? Would I ever become a good mother? Will I be able to give him the best?

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#FirstTimeMom is a special feeling that cannot be expressed in words

Fast forward to 9 months.. and that special moment was here! I had an emergency C-section owing to the distress the baby was in. My husband had to take a decision while there was constant pressure from the attending doctors. I was rushed into an operating theatre. I was scared as I was wheeled in. The moment I heard the first cry by my baby – that fear melted. The doctor asked me what do you think – is it a boy or a girl? All I could mutter and ask was – is it a boy? 

My little boy! A boy who looked just like me – with pretty eyelashes!

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I did not even know how to hold him, let alone feed him or change his clothes. From that moment, It was always the best for him. I too wanted to best for my son.

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Celebrate motherhood with the #Firstwaterwipes

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27 thoughts on “#FirstTimeMom is a special feeling

  1. What a beautiful write-up. Experience of being a first-time mom is beyond amazing. I have used these wet wipes and these are indeed good for our babies.

  2. Such a beautiful post. For me the words always fell short to describe the feeling on becoming mom the first time . I suppose the correct word would be “magical” , just like Mother Sparsh WIPES.

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  4. Aww such a beautiful memory and so well worded. I agree for a first time mom you want the best for your child. Mother Sparsh is th best for our child’s skin.

  5. There is nothing which can match and there are no words that can describe that first time mom wali feeling….you have put it across beautifully

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  10. First touch, first feel, first moment is always special and I am so happy that this organic wipes gives perfect care to little ones

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