Importance of toys in Child Development

Toys open up a world of imagination for kids. Playing with toys offer a host of developmental aid to your children. This post will focus on the Importance of toys in Child Development. Children grow, various toys help them in various ways.

Importance of toys in Child Development

Along with many other relevant abilities, toys support children develop fine motor skills and imagine creatively. The more kids play with toys, the more furnished they become equipped for progress to other stages of their lives. While they play, children discover a number of skills they will need and use as adults. Importance of toys in Child Development cannot be really iterated. 

Types of Development –


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Finger paints, playdough, paper, and pastels all encourage artistic development, plus the fine-motor skills required for writing.

Maths And Numbers

Lots of toys concentrate on maths abilities, numbers and counting and offer children a good foundation to this. Although your children, as they’ll probably be interested in the toy or game, they’ll be discovering and accumulating up on basic math ideas and number skills which will help them in their later maths learning.

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Words and Reading

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Seeing information written down and learning how to read and understand will help kids much as they grow to learn to read and write. When your children come across words or directions written down with toys it teaches that, to use toys and items as they grow up, they’ll need to learn to read.

Fine Motor Skills

For growing children, picking items up and putting them back in its place encourages them to learn the important skill of conscious grip and release, as well as how to control and place their fingers. You can clearly see the Importance of toys in Child Development here.


Pretend and Play 

Imagination-driven play builds your young child’s developmental skills. … The method of creating builds skills in many crucial developmental areas. Social and Emotional Skills. When your child engages in pretend (or dramatic) play, he is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life.

Problem Solving 

In our daily lives, we are continually confronted with problems to solve. If children learn to rise to the difficulties and develop a clear and well-organized way of undertaking them, this will give them self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. These toys encourage children them to think logically and work things out for themselves.

Learning More

Help your child understand and evolve by asking questions and getting involved in play times. Asking questions like – what will happen if we put a ball here or a what is this? – challenges children to think out of the box and expand their learning horizons. 

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27 thoughts on “Importance of toys in Child Development

  1. I like toys that usually add some value to my child’s learning while giving them a lot of fun. I usually pick toys that aid their creativity or enable problem solving behavior.

  2. This is really a great post on comparing toys and kid’s activity.. I completely agree that there are some toys which plays a great role in improving kid’s mental creativity.. Love the post..

  3. Teaching kids with these variety of Educational toys is both fun and a good learning experience for them.Thanks for your post.
    (Snehalata Jain)

  4. I can’t agree more to this topic. My elder one is a pretend play lover. She loves to be a doctor and play with her doctors set. And the younger one loves her puzzles.

  5. I agree toys can be a huge metaphor in making kids learn. Engaging toys and educating toys like color decoding and number blocks bring cognitive development easily to kids. Their brain reflexes work sharper and better.
    This is again a brilliant post from your blog.

  6. I agree the right choice of toys at the right age is important. I love a few options of toys that you gave in the blog, will check it out.

  7. Toys and constructive games/activities make a lot of difference in a kids life. They not just acquire skills but learn different values and take ownership of their belongings too

  8. I totally agree with you, toys play an important role in a child’s development. It is also necessary that parents invest some time in choosing the right (age-appropriate) toys for their kids to have the maximum benefits.

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