Lose Weight with easy Recipes

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I have been on the heavier side all my life, and on some days and it has been a real struggle to follow a diet with the right nutrition. What I hate about doing a regular diet is that I have to eat boring food and it tastes bad! Recently I came across the concept of LCD while going through a fitness group and started researching more about it. I came to know that I could Lose Weight with easy LCD Recipes.

Lose Weight with easy LCD Recipes

Why should you choose Low Carb?

A Low carbohydrate diet has shown to be effective in many types of research done worldwide. Many people believe that this is unsustainable as it expects you to be disciplined and follow a diet chart.

The amazing thing about this particular diet is that it leads to a decrease in hunger so that people can eat until they actually feel full and still lose weight steadily. 

What happens when you stick to an LCD Recipe –

Glycogen, that is a form of glucose used to supply glucose between meals to the body. This Glycogen in the liver and muscles tends to bind water as well. When we eat a low carb meal – the glycogen goes down and the body much loses a good amount of water. This is why some people tend to lose quite quickly during the first few weeks. Some people say that this weight loss is not sustained. The fact is that along with water loss, the body also loses fat %.

In this post – I’ll discuss some low carb recipes that I have cooked in LCD

I used organic food from Phalada pure and sure products to cook my recipes. It really makes a difference when your food is natural and unprocessed. 

Phalada Pure & Sure has 140+Organic Products and is a range of certified organic food products stemmed from the idea to give complete solutions across the organic supply chain.

Mix Veg Phalada POHA

Image may contain: food

  • Wash Phalada Poha in a colander and keep it aside.
  • Heat Oil and Add Mustard Seeds. 
  • Cook vegetables of your choice one by one and cook them. I added onions, potatoes, capsicum, peas, beans, and carrots. ( You can choose to add to add vegetables as per your macros) 
  • Add salt, turmeric per your taste
  • Add Poha and mix everything well with very little water
  • Now your poha is ready
  • Garnish with fresh green coriander leaves
  • Cut thinly small onions and spread on poha
  • Finish off with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice and Aaloo Bhujia for extra zing. ( as per your macros)

Chicken Cooked in Phalada Coconut Oil

File:Sukka Chicken in Kala Masala.JPG

Image Source – https://commons.wikimedia.org
  • Ingredients – 500 gms Chicken
  • Curry leaves (optional)
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Garlic – 1 full pod
  • Half Tomato
  • Half Onion
  • 10 gms Organic Coconut Oil
  • Salt
  • Tumeric, Chicken, Coriander and Garam Masala

Method – 

  • Marinate Chicken with masala and keep it aside for 15-20 minutes. Mix a little curd/water so that chicken can be coated with masala properly.
  • Heat Phalada Coconut Oil
  • Add garlic and ginger one by one and fry 
  • Now add curry leaves
  • Turn the flame down and put all the chicken pieces one by one
  • Give it a good stir and let it cook on low flame for at least 20 minutes. Put a lid on. 
  • Check chicken after 20 minutes – if it’s cooked well. Garnish with coriander leaves (optional)
  • This dish Can be used a side dish to rice or with parantha or roti

The same recipe can be used to make dry soya chunks 

Cauliflower Rice

Image result for cauliflower rice

Image Source – https://commons.wikimedia.org
  • Ingredients – 500 gms cauliflower – finely grated
  • Mustard seeds
  • Curry leaves (optional)
  • Ginger and garlic paste 1 spoon
  • Half Onion
  • 10 gms Organic Virgin Phalada Coconut Oil
  • Salt
  • Tumeric, Chicken, Coriander and Garam Masala

Method – 

  • Wash and grate cauliflower finely and keep aside
  • In a wok, heat oil
  • add mustard seeds and let it splutter. 
  • now add curry leaves and ginger garlic paste
  • add your choice of masalas
  • once your masalas are done, add cauliflower and cook this mixture on medium flame, stirring occasionally
  • Put a lid on and let this cook until cauliflower is cooked
  • You can cook this as per your consistency. if you want this fried – cook this on medium flame and not on a lower flame
  • Enjoy with any curry/curd or just as it is.

More About Phalada Pure and Sure Products – 

Phalada Pure and Sure Products take pride in creating products that customers would feel good about feeding their families. Their products stand for everything that’s healthy, sustainable, delicious and entirely free from things that can harm your family and all other living beings on our planet. Also, these products are free from synthetic hormones, chemicals, and pesticides, all the commodities undergo a range of inspections where they are minutely observed for microbiological infection, heavy metals, and pesticide residues.

Thank you for reading and knowing more about the Lose Weight with easy LCD Recipes

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  1. When I read LCD, my first thought was how a TV can help in reducing weight then when I read about recipes and benefits then I was satisfied. The recipes look yum and healthy toh bu default hain hi.

  2. I totally needed this right now.. thinking of loosing weight but didn’t know where to begin and how to eat healthy.
    Thanks for this informative post.

  3. Awesome! Didn’t know loosing weight was such an ease! And here I’m struggling hard to gain some weight!! What a weird world!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these recipes. My sister in law loves eating food and is quite overweight. I think if she tries a little twist in cooking style..it might help her lose some weight.

  5. Low carb diet can definitely keep checkon our weight. Phalada products looks nutritious and healthy free from chemical. I’ve never tried food in coconut oil will try soon

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