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Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We’re online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They hold much that is important to us. – James Comey

Do you remember the time, when you got up every time, you had to change the channel on your TV or had to increase the volume? What about shouting at the top of your voice while your sibling or father was on the terrace aligning the antenna? I am not sure about you but I do. Those memories are not only vivid but also so surreal. It’s almost hard to imagine the long walk we have taken since then.

The giant leaps that we have accomplished in the field of smart devices are astounding. The ultimate technology driven house is no more a dream and makes our life much easier.

There has been a steady rise in the smart gadgets that we have in our homes. It seems everything from the lights, doorbell to the way the door opens and state of the art security of your home. This is the charm of these smart devices that have interwoven magic, where our lives have only gotten more comfortable and easier. I worked closely with one of the largest IT solutions brands in the past, and thus I completely understand its importance in our lives.

Here I am listing some of my favorite products from – Flipkart

Some of the smart devices I would love to have at my home are –

Smart Lights –

Today’s lights are just mere lighting homes but do more than that. They provide you the comfort of being where you are and providing the facility of fine-tuning itself to its surrounding.

It adjusts to the amount of light around it and adjusts itself accordingly. Also, since these come with remote control, you do not have to get up to switch on and off your lights. What’s more is that these can be adjusted according to the activity that is doing – like sleeping, reading or watching TV.

Change the brightness of your smart light, set schedules or track their energy usage.

Check more of these smart lights HERE

Smart Wearable

Gone are the days when you had no idea about your calendar or were not able to track your workout! These days smart gadgets like watches do more! More than ever to make you smart. 

Just with your smartphone and Internet connection, enables you a complete world of possible skills. You can get message notifications, synchronize your calendar or do GPS navigation. A Bluetooth connection can enable you to place calls or send and receive messages.

Some of these smart gadgets also help you to track your fitness. These watches can on their own track steps were taken by you daily, heart rate or sleep quality and calories burned. 

Check these smart gadgets here – SMART WATCHES

Smart Assistants –

Smart speakers are wireless speakers with voice control formed in them which basically means – if you can say commands to your wireless speaker – it will respond to it. 

What can your speaker do?

  • play a song or playlist.
  • set a timer while baking a dessert
  • ask for the weather report in a specific city or country
  • check for traffic at a specific location
  • book a cab for yourself 
  • tell a joke to you
  • control your smart home

These smart gadgets are mostly one piece of wireless speakers and have artificial intelligence (AI). Leading smart speakers makers are from Google, Apple or Amazon which are more popular. Check the list of these awesome gadgets here – SMART SPEAKERS

Smart Homes

A Smart Home is a home that provides its owner not only comfort but also takes care of its own security, saves energy, whether you are home or not. In fact, you can check on your home with smart apps through your phone. 

It is a term usually used to define a house that has smart gadgets like smart devices, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, lighting, heating, air conditioning, security, systems that can interact with one another and can be controlled remotely. This can be done from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.

Check some Smart cameras for your SMART HOME HERE 

These were my list of smart gadgets. What about you? Comment below!

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14 thoughts on “Experience the technology with Smart Devices

  1. Technology is reaching every corner of the house and each phase of our life. I love new gadgets and smartwatches are my new found love 🙂

  2. Technology has made smart devices our most favorite choices in today’s time. I really like the idea of smart homes, just with the click of a button on our mobile phone we can control what happens inside our homes. Amazing it is!

  3. For today’s smart life we need smart assistants and what better than smart gadgets. Life doesn’t give us enough space to make time for self, but with these smart gadgets not only work gets delegated we get time for self too.

  4. Indeed technology had made our lives far more easier and comfortable. Smart wears comes handy to keep checkon our health on the go.

  5. Smart devices have made life so much easier. Technology has been revolutionary so far. Those smart speakers and smart watches have now made their way to many homes now.

  6. I agree… Smart wearables have become an integral part of my life and I just cannot do without them! Technology has made life a lot easier!

  7. Honestly i have not been a big fan of smart technology because i feel it makes us so lazy..but some of the gadgets do shine like those smart watches i find that they do saves us time 🙂

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