Green Tea – Is it really what it claims ?

Have you ever seen those wonderful advertisements that show a celebrity sipping on her green tea as if it is the most delicious brew in the world? Well! I am not a fan of green tea.

Yes, I drink it but not because I have false hopes of losing weight but because I replace it with my milk tea.

Green tea emerged from Ancient China more than 4000 years ago, and ever since people and media have gone gaga about it. Because of its multiple uses and benefits, this tea slowly but surely became a center point of many myths. Here you can learn more about real facts and fictional myths of green tea.

How true are these health claims?

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Myth 1 – Drinking green tea after a meal, helps break down food

Fact – I have personally seen a lot of people drink a cup of green tea immediately after their meals, without realizing that drinking green tea quickly after meals can hinder nutrient consumption. Put simply, whatever you eat is not digested properly as the caffeine and tannins act as an obstacle.

The best time to have this tea is in the morning is around 10:00 to 11:00 pm. You can also drink a cup of tea between your meals, for example, two hours before or after to maximize the nutrient intake and iron retention.

Myth 2 – Green tea burns FAT 

Fact – How I wish! I and you too! We would be a zero figure with the most gorgeous body but ALAS!

Every time anyone makes any change to their lifestyle or diet, they notice a slight change/tightening and it is easily assumed that we are losing weight or burning fat.

That being said – no single drink/brew/tea/coffee can help burn fat deposited in your body and nor can you lose from a specific area. 

Myth 3  – It boosts Metabolism!

Fact – Oh my God ! how I wish again !!! 

Sadly, this is not true either. The only way your or anyone’s metabolism is getting any higher is by when you take yourself into a gym or work out at home. Your metabolism depends on lots of factors and truth be told – green tea is not of one them.

Myth 4  – Green tea decreases the risk of cancer.

Fact – There’s an ever-widening number of scientists/doctors working to find out the consequences of tea in decreasing the chances of cancer.

The results of experiments have NOT BEEN powerful enough to come to any determination regarding cancer restraint in the human body. While the study on the effects of green tea on the improvement and growth of cancerous tumors in animals has been encouraging, studies in humans have produced mixed results so far.

Evidence for green tea’s results on many types of cancer was either limited or conflicting.

Myth 4 – Drinking it can bring THE glow to your skin 

Fact – Green tea, is widely known as a rich source of antioxidants. It helps to decrease free radicals in our body. Continued consumption of green tea MAY make your skin grow.  But, green tea composites work best when we apply them on the skin directly. Which means a beauty product – like a face mask/cream/balm/scrub that has green tea may actually help you.

Myth 5 – It is 100% safe and has no side effects

Truth – While many discussions take around the many benefits of green tea – not much is discussed about the side-effects of it. It is normally safe when drunk in a controlled amount. But consumption in high amounts (>10 cups a day) may have unfavorable effects:

  1. Liver diseases
  2. Stomach problems (diarrhea & constipation)
  3. Reduced amount of iron consumption by the body (not good for anaemics).

Hope this post helps you get over some of the major misconceptions surrounding health advantages of green tea. Just to reiterate, green tea is one of the healthfullest drinks there is; But please don’t drink it for the above reasons. 

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21 thoughts on “Green Tea – Is it really what it claims ?

  1. I do need to research more on some of the myths you mentioned. It has definitely been proven to aid metabolism. Yes one cup won’t do it however having enough cups a day along with moderate exercise has proven to improve metabolism

  2. The marketing of green teas have made them The Ultimate Slimming agent, however, the fact is they are a good source of anti-oxidants and work well on immunity. Thanks for writing this post.

  3. I’ve heard mixed opinions about green tea too. I cannot vouch for its benefits but I replaced it with my regular tea once a day when I was on a weight loss regime. It worked.

  4. So glad you busted some myths around green tea. Though I am also a big green tea fan and it is healthy but it doesnt help break food down or burn fat like you mentioned. Very informative post.

  5. Wow green tea has so many benefits where I know only lil about it earlier! Glad I came across this post! I figured that burning out the fats will be a myth for sure! I enjoy drinking green tea as I don’t like milk

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