The Experienced Mother’s Guide to Packing a Diaper Bag

Becoming a mother is a huge milestone in any woman’s life. Our lives literally change forever. Right from figuring out how to hold your baby or how to feed your baby – is like a new skill, that takes time and patience.

Many mothers avoid going out from their house at the thought of how the child will be managed outside. As a mother of 2, I can assure you, that it is absolutely manageable if you plan and execute well. You do not need to sacrifice your outings just because you have an infant/toddler with you.

You may feel overwhelmed and may feel like you need to pack a lot of stuff – but believe me, it can really be managed.

The Experienced Mother’s Guide to Packing a Diaper Bag

The Experienced Mother’s Guide to Packing a Diaper Bag –

1) Diapers –

Of course, this is the primary 1 thing in your bag. Pack at least 10 diapers or pack a number that can last 1-2 days. Roughly a diaper is changed every 4-5 hours depending on a number of times your child pees. Pack a full packet if you are planning an outing and are traveling out of station.

2) Wipes –

You need wipes for everything. It’s not only easier but also safer to use wipes. From cleaning your child’s poop, pee, legs, vomit or throw up after the burp, or to freshen up your child or even if you need a good cleaning – a good wipe will come in handy. I personally love wipes from Mother Sparsh. The new Mother Sparsh Wipes are made of Extra thick fabric (3 times thicker than ordinary baby wipes) and is plant made/derived from plant pulp. These fragrance-free gentle wipes are specifically intended for newborns, babies with delicate skin and for your active toddlers.

3) Diaper changing mat –

Many places in India still do not have appropriate mother rooms and hence you would want to carry a good and compact mat. Choose something that is easy to fold, carry and be cleaned easily without fuss and is comfortable for your baby.

4) disposable bags –

for every time you want to change your baby’s diaper and throw it – this will come to your rescue.

5) Extra dresses –

You never know how many numbers of times, you may have to change your child’s clothing cause of a throw-up, leaking poop or pee. I personally use to keep 3 extra tops, bottoms, 2 pairs of socks, mittens, and caps.

6) Toys –

Keep a variety of toys with various textures, you may also keep teether/pacifiers. Keep a thin blanket, receiving blanket handy, just in case if its windy.

7) breastfeeding/formula –

if you plan to breastfeed your child – keep a stole handy that you can use to cover the baby and yourself. If you plan to give formula ensure you carry clean, sterilized bottles, warm water, box to carry formula handy.

8) Body lotion/cream –

Keep this always handy to keep your baby skin soft and moisturized always. Babies lose moisture from their skin really fast and so this is really required to be handy always.

9) Set of bibs –

No matter your baby’s age, always remember to pack a bib. It can catch spit-up or keep clothes dry if and when your child is drooling or has a throw-up.  

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16 thoughts on “The Experienced Mother’s Guide to Packing a Diaper Bag

  1. Very exhaustive and useful list for moms… pretty much covers everything a parent would need to carry in a diaper bag. Btw I’m out of the diaper bag stage but wipes are something I still carry everywhere with karma! 🙂

  2. I have seen a lot of blog posts with the same topic, but this one is just apt. Nothing to be added, nothing to be deducted. Well written

  3. This is such a great post for all new moms who sometimes miss and forget a few items while packing diaper bags for kids!! Great you shared !!

  4. Space space and more space is the no 1 criteria. Nappy bag has to fit the essentials including baby food snacks and spare change of clothes medicines or rash creams etc.
    Great tips

  5. That’s very helpful tips to prepare a diaper bag for baby. Agree that we should always keep the wipes, this Mother sparsh wipes are my personal favourite

  6. Loved the post! You have listed everything a mother would need while efficiently packing a diaper bag! Along with diapers, extra clothes are a must!

  7. THis is a really helpful list. IT’ll help soon-to-be mommas and the new mommas so much. You have explained everything so nicely.

  8. For all the new moms this is going to be extremely helpful. When I became a mom we didn’t have time to collect much. Everything was so haphazard. If only I had done some research before.

  9. This is a great post and will be very helpful for expecting or new mums. I remember when I was pregnant I used to read many blogs and watch YT videos that have baby care advise. My sister is pregnant and is in her 3rd trimester. Sending this post to her as she might find it very useful.

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