Tips to tackle sleep deprivation in moms

The importance of sleep for a mother is really underrated. Whether you are a new mom, or a struggling mother of 1 or two – if you are sleep deprived – it is NOT good news. Sleep Deprivation can cause serious consequences to your health. 

Inadequate or unsatisfactory rest is converting into a dangerous health issue of modern living, especially in women.  The rush to meet the targets at your work, taking care of your nuclear family, urban lifestyle,  long distance journey between home and workplace are all contributing havoc to the health and becoming a slow killer.

Sleep is one of the basic necessities for healthy living. Good and adequate rest improves the quality of life. It helps the brain to work properly, enhances memory and provides longevity. The ability to act and feel well while you’re awake depends on whether you’re getting an adequate amount of rest. It also depends on whether you’re sleeping at a time when the body demands to sleep. 

While sleeping, the brain is preparing for the next day by forming new pathways to help to learn information.

Like healthy eating, drinking and working out; good sleeping practice and enough span of rest are key determinants of a healthy lifestyle. According to the National Sleep Foundation, US, everyone, with few reservations, needs 7-9 hours of peaceful sleep a night for the body and mind to perform optimally.

Signs that you are sleep deprived – 

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • depression or suicidal tendency’
  • fatigue/feeling of tiredness
  • Mood swings remain irate or angry
  • not able to carry out any task
  • not able to concentrate

How to rest, when you have kids at home – 

The points that I am mentioning below are that I have practiced personally –

Afternoon Nap

Since my childhood, I have a habit of taking an afternoon nap. I remember dozing off as soon as I was done with my lunch at home and used to wake up fresh after a couple of hours and would feel energized to complete my school work/projects or prepare for exams.

We continue the same tradition today. If I am at home, I take an afternoon nap and put my kids to sleep too. This helps me wake up fresher with an alert mind. It might seem tough in the beginning, but I have practiced this with my children since they were little and so it really helps. 

Create a schedule

A baby can be sleep trained from 3 months of age. This does not mean – that they will start sleeping through the entire night, but it helps to create a routine for them and stick to it. This helps them take fewer naps in the morning and sleep for longer durations at night. This is good news for you. 

Try relaxing techniques 

Every person has a unique way of relaxing. Some may prefer to read, while some prefer to listen to music or white noise. Whatever option you choose, remember to keep your mobile away from you. The light from your mobile/electronic device tricks your brain to think that it is still day / or is not the time to sleep. To take a nap, you should have a calm and relaxing environment. 

Take your rest time seriously!

It is normal to see many women get up early or go to bed late, just because they are trying to get everything done on the time. What one has to understand is … that as you start skipping on your precious sleep – lesser productive you will become. There will be a time when your body will be beyond fatigued and it will give up in some form or other. 

If you want to stay productive and remain active, you have to complete your designated hours of sleep.

Ask for help

Yes, please! Call a friend, relative, family or hire a nanny, who can help you take care of your baby, while you rest a little. 


Tips to tackle sleep deprivation in moms

Workout helps you relax and, helps you get a good nights sleep. Even daily walks can improve your sleep. Do whatever exercise you enjoy. Find exercise classes where childcare is offered. Play sports with your kids, if possible.

See a doctor

If you have tried everything else, and nothing seems to work – do yourself a favor and please meet a sleep specialist. They can prescribe some medication/ways of how to catch on your sleep. 

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22 thoughts on “Tips to tackle sleep deprivation in moms

  1. Yes it happens specially when you are a new mom. Me and my mom didnt even sleep for first 3 months of my son’s birth. He used to sleep at day time and it was a dissaster for us.

  2. This is so important. good night’s sleep is required to function properly. creating a schedule sounds nice. my son thankfully was a good sleeper since he was born.

  3. Life nowadays is so demanding and stressful that at some point in time, we tend to fall prey to sleep deprivation. These tips are really great & will be helpful for moms suffering from any sleep related problems.

  4. I am perpetually sleep deprived and I think I have become habitual of it. But you are right to point out the reasons. It’s time I should become more mindful about my body clock.

  5. I so agree i need to really ask for help. I try to poack in too much in a day and unable to get sleep. Thank u for the tips.

  6. Personally, an afternoon nap and a good workout work wonders for my sleep. Getting rest at regular intervals and some down time are essential for moms.

  7. Should I confess….I always rather daily decide or make a schedule and myself break it …this is such a great tips for mom’s like me

  8. These are very useful tips for all moms. Sleep deprivation can lead to mental and physical health deterioration.

  9. Nap time is more than anything to me. Nice tips for anyone who struggle through it. I always prefer to sleep rather than staying up late for a movie or a book. I am glad that I am gifted with sound sleep. Though I have to wake up for feeds 3-4 times but still I get enough of it.

    1. I don’t get the time to take an afternoon nap daily because my elder one goes to school and the younger one is about to 2 and a half so he took his nap sometimes before and sometimes after and when my daughter comes back to the school, it is difficult to make them sleep at the same time but whenever I get the chance I would like to take my nap first rather completing other tasks.

  10. Excellent tips. I make sure I take the afternoon nap. Sometimes I even sleep in the morning after my husbanf=d and daughter leave. It will be a half hour nap but it rejuvenates me.

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