Children’s Literature Society – Neev Literature Festival 2019

“The whole world opened up to me when I learned to read” – Mary McCleod Bethune

The value of reading cannot be stressed enough in young kids, and as parents, we need to ensure that we provide avenues for kids to make every day reading a special preference.

Multiple studies over the years have proven how reading benefits young minds and how it has many benefits.

Benefits of reading –

  • exercise for the children’s brain
  • improves concentration
  • increase vocabulary
  • fuels and develops children’s imagination
  • Reading helps kids to relate to the situation in the book
  • kids who read often, do well in school
  • Reading is fun!

Creating Readers for life with NEEV!

The Neev Literature Festival (NLF), an annual event hosted at the Neev Academy, celebrates the books that spark the joy of reading. The festival brings together children, authors, educators, parents, and all those who engage with children and children’s literature.

All children are unique and every child has their own unique reading styles and genres’ and that is why NEEV’s foremost specialist readers have curated a very special list of their favorite books for the little children.

Neev Literature Festival 2019

NLF 2019 aims to amalgamate this in with deeper discussions, shorter discussions, book readings, workshops for children, parents & teachers/librarians, the marketplace, and NEEV’s flagship Book Award.

The festival will highlight Indian writers who break beyond the normal, examining the changing world of stories, assuring that all the discussions take place during this festival are appropriate for children’s writing and reading.

What can you expect at The Neev Literature Festival?

  • Workshops for Children, Teachers / Librarians & Parents – Workshops for children, teachers and librarians will continue like each year, and this time there is a workshop for parents.
  • Panel Discussions – The discussions will be taken around the importance of literature in children’s life. The broad themes are categorized as – reading, history, and futurist and building bridges in literature. The conversations will cover all aspects of the themes.
  • Interactive Sessions – Last year NEEV received quite a lot of feedback and this part builds on last year’s feedback. This feedback was from children, parents, authors, illustrators, and librarians. The sessions will take a tour of many short and entertaining themes interactively. There will be discussions on book launches, sharing stories, quizzes, and many more activities.
  • Book Readings – Readers will share their favourite excerpts, illustrations, back-stories and more. There will be so much to look forward to in this part.
  • Marketplace – Last year NEEV had over 5000 titles for all ages, genres, and readers. This year, the book exhibition at NLF 2019 promises will be even better and bigger

When is NEEV 2019 ?

Read and Know more about NEEV at – HERE

You can visit NEEV on 20th and 21st September 2019.


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18 thoughts on “Children’s Literature Society – Neev Literature Festival 2019

  1. Wow, that’s a great fest, I am a bookaholic and my children do read but don’t have passion as I had in my childhood, thanks to media. But such fests are a great initiative to motivate and promote reading habits in children. Wish they conduct similar fest in more cities too. #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa

  2. Wow did not know there was a lit fest for children, this is amazing! I still remember the joy of the Scholastic book fairs from school and how my mother had to drag me away from those exhibitions before I could buy the entire store!

  3. I spent more than half a decade in Bangalore and another half in Mysore before moving back to Kolkata. I miss the events there and it feels great to read and visualize this children’s kit fest through your words.

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