Mentalhood – Journey of a mother on ZEE5

Raising our children in this world is never easy. Capturing this motherhood journey; is an upcoming Indian Hindi drama Mentalhood  – web series created by Ekta Kapoor and produced by Rupali Guha under her banner Film Farm India for the online streaming platform ZEE5.

Between balancing the many chores of the house, her relationship with everyone around her, ensuring that everyone is getting their best – a mother is someone who takes all the brunt while keeping herself sane. 

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The series on ZEE5 marks the Web series debut of actress Karishma Kapoor and stars Sanjay Suri, Sandhya Mridul, Shilpa Shukla and Shruti Seth.

Mentalhood takes you into the topsy-turvy world of mothers and how they maneuver their way through irrational outlooks and peculiarities to raise their children.

See the trailer –Mentalhood 

“Parenting jab bann jaayegi ek race, tab toh hoga hi #Mentalhood wala craze!

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 The story that we can all relate to –

The ZEE5 series Mentalhood showcases the lives of 6 mothers who are trying to strike a perfect balance between raising their children while acing their professional life.

By seeing this trailer, I was taken into the lives of Meira (Karisma Kapoor) and her friends as they face day to day struggles with parenting. From the trailer, it is obvious that the show mental hood emphases on the various problems of motherhood. Every mother will surely strike a chord with this series – since motherhood, in reality, is also a fun ride mixed with emotions.

The stellar star cast –

  • Kapoor’s husband is played by Sanjay Suri
  • Dino Morea is stay-at-home
  • Sandhya Mridul (Angry Indian Goddesses)
  • Shilpa Shukla (B.A. Pass) is the workaholic
  • Namrata, Shruti Seth is “boho mom” and
  • Tillotama Shome is “pushover mom”

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The main crux

The series focuses its attention on the day to day issue of parenting that generally all parents deal with – issues like bullying, gender issues, exam fever, surrogacy, health, and various other topics. In the form of entertainment, parents also learn something at the end of each episode.

Every mother has her own strategy to face the various dilemmas and issues related to parenting, relationships, house, and her work – with only one aim – to be the best of the best. Mentalhood basically captured this theme in a fun way.

Written by Ritu Bhatia and directed by Karishma Kohli, the show has started streaming from March 11.

Mentalhood Trailer Review

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The three-minute Mentalhood trailer depicts a picture of the daily issues faced by the parents, in extension to problems that crop out of their aspirations and disagreements with their partners. Meira ( Karishma Kapoor), has moved from Kanpur to the big bustling city of Mumbai wants to gel with her group of friends who are also mothers. She was “Miss Kanpur” before she got married, and wants her three kids to go to the same school as Bollywood superstars.

This mentality also extends outside of her children’s schooling, with Meira pushing her kids to audition for advertisements and hoping for the paparazzi to show up, while they enjoy the limelight.

The next half of the Mentalhood trailer takes a more exciting turn, with the parents losing it as they are pulled in every direction by the various demands placed on them. The trailer frequently validates the show’s finger-wagging approach, and also when the mothers calling themselves the village after Meira paraphrases the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

My personal Verdict

Image sourced by ZEE5

I am not a serial person and don’t like the general serial themes that are aired on TV, but this has got my attention and am personally thrilled and excited to start watching the show. As a mother, who juggles her life daily between everything – I can totally relate myself to the trailer and I am positive many mothers would also feel the same.


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16 thoughts on “Mentalhood – Journey of a mother on ZEE5

  1. I have been reading rave reviews about this show and it is quite relate-able, Karishma Kapoor is a wonderful actor and this topic is nailed so well. ZEE5 has amazing content.

  2. Saw the trailer. Indeed Mentalhood webseries takes us to rollercoaster ride of parenting. Excited to watch Karisma Kapoor.

  3. I am also thrilled to watch this series. Actually, the theme is related to womanhood, motherhood and now the new combine term mental hood.

  4. I have seen the trailer too hope they keep all the episodes close to reality.
    I remember Sandhya Mridul from Sathiya.

  5. Lovely. Now I really want to watch it but we don’t get to see Zee5 here. I love the entire state cast. Shruti sheth is one of my favorite stars on the Television.

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