Covid-19 : Safely Wash Fruits & Vegetables

We already know that vegetables and fruits should be cleaned before we consume or store them. Ensuring you do the same during a pandemic becomes all the more crucial. Read more to know how to  Safely Wash Fruits & Vegetables during Covid-19. 

Covid-19 : Safely Wash Fruits & Vegetables

The virus Covid-19 is known to remain live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. We must wash them, as soon as possible to reduce any risk of exposure. 

During the lockdown, although it’s advisable to stay indoors, sometimes we have to go out to get essential items. 

You can take extra care when handling your groceries to avoid spreading the virus to other people and surfaces in your house.

Why is it a big deal?

“Produce can become contaminated from the growth phase where it may be exposed to contamination from the soil, animals, or humans to when it’s purchased and stored.


What’s the best way to clean your fruits and vegetables?

Whichever way you get your groceries, you’ll want to handle them carefully when you get them home. This will reduce the chance of spreading the virus to other people or surfaces in your house.

One of the best options is to leave your fruits and vegetables sitting outside for at least 72 hours to allow the virus to become inactive. But, this isn’t possible for many people. 

Discard the packaging and move the food to a clean bag or container.

Washing fruits and vegetables with cold water is enough

Just like washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds can kill the virus, in the same manner, washing fruits and vegetables for 20 seconds is enough. 

Also, Wipe down all packaging with a disinfectant before putting your groceries away. 

Should you use soap/detergent to clean fruits and vegetables?

Washing fruits or vegetables with soap is in no way going to help but will rather create more health problems like nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. 

The use of dish soaps or any kind of soap has always been harmful for consumption and may lead to various health problems. Soap is not a compound that our stomach is built to deal with.

The FDA says it is a complete myth that soap, detergent, or any special liquid is required to clean produce. “Gently rub produce while holding under plain running water. There’s no need to use soap or a produce wash.”

Extra Caution 

If damage or bruising occurs before eating or handling, it is best to cut away the damaged areas before preparing or eating.

While cleaning root vegetables like potatoes or carrots, a vegetable brush or sponge should be used to ensure all dirt is removed. “Use a clean vegetable brush to scrub firm produce such as melons and cucumbers,” recommends FDA.


When you’re done, wash any tables, countertops, or other surfaces that were touched by your groceries or grocery bags. And wash your hands again.


  • The CDC recommends that all people wear cloth face masks in public places where it’s difficult to maintain a 6-foot distance from others.
  • This will help slow the spread of the virus from people without symptoms or people who do not know they have contracted the virus.
  • Cloth face masks should be worn while continuing to practice physical distancing. 

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  1. By Washing of sme vegetables like , tomatoes, carrots, beans,capsicum,I found some f them started getting rotten in three days. And how about bananas. If we wash thm off, they too start getting ripe more early than its usual time.. Any suggestions?

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