Adrenaline Rush With Thriller Movies On ZEE5

I am a huge movie buff, especially if its thriller movies. No matter what’s happening in the movie scene, thriller movies have a following of their own and they really never ever go out of fashion. Find you, Adrenaline Rush, With Thriller Movies On ZEE5

With over 3500 films, 500+ TV shows, 4000+ music videos, 35+ theatre plays, and 90+ LIVE TV Channels across 12 languages, ZEE5 truly presents a blend of unrivaled content contribution for its viewers across the nation and worldwide. With ZEE5, the global content of Zindagi as a brand, which was widely valued across the country, has also been brought back for its loyal viewers.

India’s largest OTT player -ZEE5

The beauty of thriller movies is that directors do their best by keeping their spectators captivated, so filmmakers are always discovering new ways to intensify the plot and get your adrenaline rushing.

Gone are the days when we would wait enthusiastically for that prime time show on television as you can watch them anytime and anywhere now. Wondering where you can find thriller movies in your local language? Your search ends at ZEE5.

Here are your Five Telegu Thrillers to Watch for a Spine Chilling Experience on ZEE5


Bhinna is a 2019 ZEE5 Kannada Original movie starring Shashank Purushotham, Siddharth Maadhyamika, Paayal Radhakrishna, and Sowmya Jaganmurthy.

Bhinna is an awesome psychological thriller in Kannada cinema in recent times. The direction and the story are fresh and not your run off the mill old decaying story. The lead character has done justice to the role. It is tricky, Confusing, Scares and makes your heart beat a hundred beats and is technical brilliance. Do take some time to see this extravagance.

8MM Bullet

Karthik, a straightforward and an honest policeman, chases an illegal mastermind during which he loses his service gun. Trouble starts when the gun lands in the hands of a common man who uses it to kill people.

It is a fine movie. Jaggesh has tried an unusual role as a villain. And he has acted wonderfully which syncs with the speed of the story. He has challenged himself for this role and his performance came out brilliantly. Watch this movie to know what happens next and stay hooked to the edge of your seat.


The accident is a thriller film that is directed by the lead Ramesh Aravind along with Pooja Gandhi and Rekha Vedavyas. The story is about Sawanth who is an RJ by profession and is cheerful in his characteristic nature. However, having settled in an overseas state, he decides one day to come back to his home where he finds out that his wife has lost her life in a car accident. He is naturally unable to deal with the loss of his wife and decides to find out the kill and the reason behind the killing.

Beautiful Manasugalu

The relationship of the couple in the movie; Prashanth and Nandini goes into a tumbledown when a police inspector frames Nandini and sabotages her status. When Prashanth realises that Nandini is blameless, he promises to take vengeance.

Jodi (2001)

Jodi is a 2001 Kannada thriller drama movie starring Shivarajkumar, Jaggesh and Poonam Singar. When Vinod gets a random call from Shalini, he falls in love with her. The situation, however, turns interesting when Sunil, Shivu’s best friend, also falls in love with Shalini. How the best friends fight for Shalini forms the crux of the story.

Watch other blockbuster films from recent time’s available in other genres and languages now available on ZEE5.

Which movie you feel deserves to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Adrenaline Rush With Thriller Movies On ZEE5

  1. I love ZEE5 and enjoy their content. I am definitely into regional cinema these days as I find their story telling to be different and interesting and quite enjoyable too.

  2. Thriller is the one kind of movies I love the most. Bhinna I will watch with subtitles on Zee5. Looks good.

  3. Oh nice!! We also enjoy watching movies of other languages, with subtitles ofcourse. I especially love Tamil and Telugu movies. Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. I absolutely love thriller movies, surprisingly I haven’t seen any that you have mentioned above. I have saved this post and will go on a binge-watch of these movies now. Thank you for this recommendation and I am an ardent fan of ZEE5 too.

  5. You know lately I have started loving the regional content on ZEE5. Thanks a lot for sharing about these shows I will surely check them out

    1. I love how regional movies are now available for us on ZEE5. I haven’t explored Telugu movies much. Thanks for these recommendations. Will watch one over the weekend.

  6. The list of Kannada movies seems promising specially Bhinna movie, though I am not a regular audience of regional movies as rightly said by you that thriller movies have their own charm and audience so Bhinna is surely in my list .

  7. Wow this is an amazing collection of thriller movies on ZEE5 and all these are sound so interesting. We are waiting here in USA for Zee5 to get started. will watch them when we had that option.

  8. I like thriller and the best part with any TV shows these days is the subtitles. It enables views to watch some good shows even if they are in other languages.

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