Beating lock down blues with TikTok

Since COVID 19 hit India and the ensuing lockdown, our very idea of life has changed in many ways. People have found interesting ways to spend time, including Beating lock down blues with TikTok.

Tiktok to the rescue 

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COVID 19 has changed the way we used to go out, meet our friends, go for vacations, all changed! It’s something like we have never seen or witnessed before. 

Many people are still getting used to the “New Normal”. Some are feeling out of place and have suddenly started undergoing acute anxiety and are getting exhausted, working from home.

People are finding new ways to remain sane during this time. Some are working out at home, while some are finding a new passion in gardening or honing their cooking skills.

Beating lock down blues with TikTok

One of the ways of coping, for many, is watching Tiktok videos and engaging in trendy social media challenges to kill boredom or to learn and find useful videos.

Image Courtesy – Google / Newsweek

While people are following physical distancing, nothing has united all of the people across the globe like social media and its apps. The majority of us are lonely and isolated from our loved ones and are far away from each other. Connecting virtually through social media, Experimenting different forms of content, learning and sharing via videos are various ways people are finding ways to bridge the gap.

Maintain physical distancing but remain involved socially !

It seems exciting to know that the social media video sharing and short video creating platform, Tiktok, has gained immense popularity among people around the globe.

It has attracted eyeballs for the kind of content it has, challenging people to participate and imparting knowledge to its viewers. It is considered one of the best ways to involve users and encourage better mental health.

Image Courtesy – Google / Newsweek

In fact, research and experts have agreed that joining and taking up challenges on any social media challenge can be healthy during this situation as people are unable to go out and pursue a social lifestyle like before. Tiktok is great since it does not endorse comparisons or encourage drastic steps.

Tips to put Tiktok app to good use –

  1. Find a way to balance real life and time you spend on Tiktok app. Keep a check on the time you are spending on the app. The app has settings that allow you to manage screen time.
  2. Decide what you want the app for. Don’t let the app take a toll on your body and mind.
  3. If participating in any challenge, check if you are mentally and physically fit for it.

Take a break, Use Tiktok.


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