PLIX Protein – 6 reasons why women need protein

From ages, men have been taking protein in their diet to build muscles. Protein is the building block and essential to the body and as much as its important, women still run away from it. Here are 6 reasons why women need protein!

Have you already heard that women should not drink protein drinks because their muscles will be as big as men?

Fitness Industry Redefined –

Lately, as the fitness industry refines, more women are taking an interest and understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle and protein in their diets. The focus is moving away from thin, famished looking bodies to fit and lean bodies.

For women, its not just about building a lean body, but protein also helps with appetite control, more energy, glowing skin, stronger bones, and hair.

Here are 6 science-based reasons

why women need protein in their diets!

Curbs appetite and hunger level –

Studies show that protein keeps our bodies feel fuller with less food. This is caused by the improved function of weight-regulating hormones. This works great when you are trying to lose weight or build a lean body. One can easily replace their carb-filled diet with a protein-filled diet.

Egg Sandwich, Egg, Bread, Yolk, Boiled Eggs

Maintain weight loss –

a high protein diet, that is suited for your body, boosts metabolism. A slight increase in your protein diet can help you maintain your lost weight.

Helps you stay fitter as you age –

As women age, our muscles start weakening. Eating additional protein is one of the best ways to reduce age-related muscle deteriorating.

Helps body repair after an injury –

Since protein is the building block of life which includes tissues and organs – it is wonderful for body repair. Numerous studies have proven that eating a substantial amount of protein in your diet, helps a body repair faster.

Boosts metabolism and promotes fat loss –

A high protein diet has shown that it fuels the body to burn more fat and increase metabolism.

Supports healthy bones, skin, and hair – one of the biggest issues that women face is the weakening of their bones, skin, and hair. Taking protein could be your answer. It is equally advantageous in building a strong immune system.

Some vegetarian sources of protein are –

How much protein powder do you need?

An average adult requires about one gram per kg of bodyweight of protein as per recommendations by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). This can vary with age and requirement, such as in athletes who require more for maintenance and training recovery and pregnant women.

Check it out here –

Getting protein from protein powder –

Protein powder is essentially a protein-rich food that serves as a food supplement. Women cannot gain as much muscle mass as men by consuming protein, so don’t worry about your protein drink

I have recently started using PLIX Plant Protein.

Why Plix Plant Protein is a must-have for Everyday Fitness?

  • Plix Plant Protein is a blend of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein.
  • It contains 25g Complete Plant Protein, 5g BCAA, and 0g sugar. It is a must-have for those deficient in their everyday protein intake.
  • With a solid, well-balanced formulation and premium quality ingredients, Plix Plant Protein is something that can be had by your entire family irrespective of the age.


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14 thoughts on “PLIX Protein – 6 reasons why women need protein

  1. Protien is indeed very essential for womans good health. While food does give us some nutrients, a protein mix for sure is a good way to make sure you have the daily required intake level consumed.

  2. Now this is indeed an informative and insightful post. Being pregnant and advised by my gynecologist to increase my intake of proteins, this article is very helpful. Again, thanks to you for highlighting on proteins for vegetarians too.

  3. Such an informative blog. Protein such a very important ingredients to have on a regular basis.

    Well weitten …keep posting

  4. Protein is an essential nutrient needed for our bodies and somehow we don’t seem to get the daily portion of it. Many are now switching to protein supplements which are proving to be helpful.

  5. I have lately lost 17.5 kgs Princy and it is thanks to having a protein rich low carb diet. I am thus so glad you chose to speak on this topic

  6. Looks like I have literally Protein ki kami according to the vegetarian things you’ve mentioned! I hate chia seeds 😅 baaki is curd and Greek yogurt the same?

  7. Protein is very much vital for every age of woman. And you have covered every point. Protein is also important for a proper kidney function too… otherwise at the later stage, health issues arise.

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