Unknown Neighbor

” You can be a good neighbor only if you have good neighbors ” – Howard E. Koch. Well

Hi My Unknown Neighbor,

Well, to be true – I do not know if I am a good neighbor or not ! I guess we will fine that out – by the end of this letter.

Since I do not know your name, so I will call you My Unknown Neighbor. We moved to this house in 2015, and since then, innumerable times, we have seen each other and crossed each others paths. After all, we stay in the same building. While i on the second floor, you stay on the first floor. The irony is – We never TALK !

I have wondered many times, as to why do you try to avoid me and my children. We do not mean any harm to you and we are good social people, who like to laugh, talk and make friends. You must have seen the number of people who visit us every weekend. You must have heard our crazy laughs that go on till wee hours in the mornings, and that rocking Punjabi music playing in the background. My Unknown Neighbor, you seem to be withdrawn from all this.

My Unknown Neighbor

My Unknown Neighbor, I have never seen you standing outside in your balcony, playing with your child. I have never heard music playing. You are always behind closed doors. Are you abnormal or am I am expecting something that is abnormal?

Your daughter and my daughter are of almost the same age, actually just 3 months apart.Do you know – they can be playing partners ? My Unknown Neighbor, only if you would allow her to come upstairs or may be call my daughter downstairs. They could play together and get creative and get the right creative outlet. But alas !

My Unknown Neighbor

There are times, when I have passed a smile to you, only to be disappointed. You never seem to reciprocate the smile My Unknown Neighbor.

You are smile less, literally. Like literally, you and your family is smile less. No one ever seems to smile EVER. To be true, I find that amusing. Your family is the first one ever I have ever found to be like this. I have never had the opportunity to know you or speak to you.

My Unknown Neighbor

Once, when I locked myself out of my home, your father, invited me to have tea at your house. You did not talk, while i waited in your house. Just because your father asked you to make a cup of tea, you did. It was not tasty by the way. I wish i could tell you that My Unknown Neighbor.

I hope that we will talk one day and may be become good neighbors.

So, to answer the first question, I can become a good neighbor, if given a chance !

Have you ever had an experience like this ? Do share, them with me will love to read your stories and experiences 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Unknown Neighbor

  1. Its frustrating when you wish to open communication channels with a person, but that person wont yeild. But the only thing in your hands then is to bless the person, becasue we do not know what turmoil he/she might be going through. Bless her and she will walk upto you one day.

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