Beautify your hair and eyes with Euphorbia box

Happy New Year everyone ! Today, I am here to share my first ever review for beauty products for mothers just like you and me. I received 2 products from Euphorbiabox Seven Seas Eyeshadow & Gel Eyeliner and Amgreens India Anti Hair Fall Mask to Beautify your hair and eyes

Seven Seas Eyeshadow Review 

I am not much of a makeup person, so every time I use a new product – I take my time to get used to it. Features that I liked about this kit are –

  1. Comes in a cute little and comfortable package
  2. Travel-friendly packing
  3. Wonderful pigmentation
  4. Single swipe application gives a dark, smooth effect
  5. Does not smudge
  6. long lasting

Seven Seas Eyeshadow Gel Eyeliner Review

  1. Eye shadow provides dark color within 2 applications
  2. Smudge-proof 
  3. Lesser pigmented as compared to eyeliner
  4. Creamy texture and does not crease 
  5. Anti-sweat

Price: 199/- Rs.

Online availability: Here

Amgreens India Anti Hair Fall Mask

Price: 460 Rs

Quantity: 100 gm

Online availability: Here

The hair mask comes in a zip pouch and has a creamish & has a very smooth consistency. the hair mask is 100 % natural. The hair mask has to be applied generously and left in the hair overnight.

I washed off the hair mask after 24 hours with a mild shampoo and conditioner. This mask is non-greasy or does not drip, and you do not have to worry about it spoiling your pillow & bed-sheet. After the wash I noticed that my hair was manageable, flowing and had a sheen to it. 

This is an Anti-Hairfall and Deep Conditioning Hair Mask made with natural ingredients including Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Plant Milk. 

Overall – I liked the quality of both the products for my hair and eyes and they deliver what they promise. Personally, I would again buy them and highly recommend it for my readers. 

Euphorbia Box – The Most Affordable Subscription Box In India

Check out the box and the various products they offer at –

Have you ever used these products? 

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