10 inexpensive ways to enjoy at home

We all are really smart when it comes to multiple aspects of our life. You probably know how to shop smartly, maybe how to handle your work situation, what about planning a budget at home? We all are multi-taskers..but what happens when you want to relax and enjoy at your home? Do you run out of ideas of how to spend some time just relaxing? Well, 10 inexpensive ways to enjoy at home is just the post for you. Keep reading to know more.

10 inexpensive ways to enjoy at home

As a human, we tend to over think and for some of us, relaxation and enjoying never comes easy. Some of us relate enjoying to going out and spending money, eating at an uptown place or going out somewhere on a vacation, but to be true – enjoying does not really have to be costly.

〉 Reading

This probably is my favorite. I am a bookworm and keep reading and I especially take some time out every day just to read. You have a hoard of topics that you choose from – ranging from physiology, health, nutrition, parenting, relationships, money and much more! Reading is like opening your mind to a very different dimension and when you do that – you automatically enjoy!

〉 Walking

Have you ever tried this? Walking is just not a great form of cardio exercise, but also helps with stressed minds. Take a walk around your neighborhood, and see the children playing or look at nature. A 10-minute walk can help you improve Brain Function, Bone Health, Helps You Breath Easier among its many other benefits.

〉 Gardening

I can spend hours tending to my plants and find it quite therapeutic. If you have never tried this, I really urge you to give this a shot. Get some basic simple plants to grow and try to spend some time in their company. I can tell you this – that they love you back.

〉 Drawing / Sketching

I stumbled upon this very accidently. In fact, I tried this when my son was drawing his school project and since he was short on time, I chipped in to help him. Before I knew it, I was enjoying drawing and coloring and in it seemed time just flew. If you are a novice in the drawing – you can check online classes, self-teach books and get started.

〉 Cooking

Have you ever experienced calmness when doing your most favorite activity? Well, cooking is something similar. It is very soul calming experience when your food turns out great and people compliment you for the same. I have found out I allmost have an adrenaline rush inside of me bursting when my food turns out yummy and my children smile!

10 inexpensive ways to enjoy at home

〉 Musical Instruments

It has been scientifically proven that playing musical instruments – not only helps you relieve stress but also helps you calm down and relax. Playing an instrument everyday helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. So, why don’t you try and enroll yourself in a class, that you find interesting?

〉 Star-Gazing

As a child, I used to love star-gazing and as I have grown I have seemed to grow distant from this. With our busy schedules, it somewhat just seemed impossible. When the news of Supermoon was doing rounds some months ago, I found the love of star-gazing again. You can look at various constellations and just gazing at the bright calm sky can open up your perception of reality and calm your soul, and you will enjoy it too.

〉 Puzzles

Puzzles can be a  wonderful way to spend an evening with family. Not only do you get to enjoy family bonding time, but it also helps you kill time. You can play online games or just order some new ones for yourself and they don’t cost a bomb.

〉 Scrapbooking

This probably is one of my most common used hobbies of women and children. If you love to collect memories, you have got to try scrapbooking. It allows you to express yourself. Also, it is both creative and useful.

〉 Pinterest

I cannot begin to express my love for Pinterest. You can find every category of boards available here, depending on your taste and I bet you can find some very interesting ideas. I can spend hours just Pinteresting!

So, here are my 10 inexpensive ways to enjoy at home. Although you will find many more ideas – including sports, exercising at home, singing, writing, blogging, sewing, playing cards to name a few.

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11 thoughts on “10 inexpensive ways to enjoy at home

  1. pinterest – absolutely yes!! I know we should be staying away from social media, but pinterest is like a beautiful black hole!! Beautiful points – loved reading this!

  2. I loved all of them and how I wish you publish this article to whole wide world who are just engrossed in their phones and tv and laptop.. ahgh give me a break guys
    Love it, some new idea are totally doable as well 😀

  3. wow! such a lovely post..I didnt think like this because unfortunately I dont get free time at home rather I manage My Time in my office 😉
    But when I get time, I play with my son. My favorite pass time

  4. This article wins me. I love to read and my posts will tell you how addicted to reading am I. Pinterest is yet another interest of mine. I am an insominiac and love to browse Pinterest for interesting stuff and to do away with boredom. Walking has become my way of life now. If hungry I walk, if angry I walk. I become irritated if I don’t get my walks. Even fall Ill. It is one workout that’s best for BP patients like me.

  5. That’s a lovely post. I enjoy reading and watching Netflix with my family. This usually happens on weekend when I take a social media break too x

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